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Beware, using the right linking words might get you confused for a #native speaker 😉 #English
#Chinese characters are not just a random cluster of strokes. Find out what the rules are: #italkiArticle
Don't find learning with a textbook effective? Try a different approach to learning #Korean: #italkiArticle
"Fais comme chez toi" and learn these #French words: #vocabulary
RT @uninhibitedblog: For fun or work! #italki #bilingual #internationalbusiness #whatlanguagebarrier…
@uninhibitedblog Thank you, Amber!
@JurorZeroEight Happy to hear that! Keep learning!
@Brandzooka Thanks for the mention
@SmallAdvantages Taky říkáme kabát 😬 Držíme palce ať tě čeština baví i dál!
@honeyandcomb Felicidades! Nos alegramos de que estés aprendiendo tanto :)
@_ChrisHand 加油!Keep us posted :)
RT @_ChrisHand: First Mandarin #中文 lesson on Skype, with a lovely teacher in Shanghai found through @italki. Good platform, looking forward…
Make yourself a cup of ☕️ and let's get to work! #quote #motivation #becomeFluent
What are the #ChineseNewYear dos and don'ts? via @GengoIt
Kieran is a proper #polyglot. How does he keep up with all the languages he's learning? #italkiStories
Start your day, #Japanese way 🇯🇵
What does it mean "to be even in the soup" in #Spanish? Learn useful and funny expressions with this #italkiArticle:
RT @FlashAcademyApp: Kissing around the world... 🌹 💋
@MyPutonghua @languagelj We believe in you :)
Knowing these sentences is a must if you're really serious about learning #Spanish: #italkiArticle

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