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Learning a foreign #language is never time wasted: via @HuffPost
@jm_theophilus7 Hi Josh! You are correct, lessons booked outside of Package expiry date are still valid. Happy learning!
This is how make you small talk in 🇮🇹 #Italian: #italkiArticle
Learning a new #language is also learning a new way to interpret our world: #italkiStories
Start writing business #emails ✉️ like a pro with help from this #italkiArticle:
Great news for all #conlang enthusiasts! New Inter-Slavic #language to be born soon:
Check out this #italkiArticle about becoming a more confident #English speaker:
@Saul_Says The OOPT is offered through by the Oxford University Press, with English being only option available. We…
@ravenonlineteam 👍
Autumn uses what she earns as a #teacher on italki to pay for her lessons. How's that working out for her?
RT @Olly_IWTYAL: Tips for new teachers on @italki
Did you know half the world is estimated to be bilingual? via @mental_floss
C'est, or il est -- that is the question. Find the answer in this #italkiArticle: #French
What does rice have to do with laughing? This #italkiArticle explains: #Italian
@Marbat75 We are super happy to hear that! We hope you continue enjoying learning on italki. :)
Age doesn't matter as long as you're passionate and willing to learn. Read Paul's story: #italkiStories
This is the best way to make new #friends in #German. 🍻 Prost to that! #italkiArticle
Know your way around "thank you" expressions in #Portuguese: #italkiArticle
RT @papateachme: LOL BTW this new lesson is amazing!! BRB I'm gonna watch it!!
@thepolyglotist Glad to hear you like it! :)

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