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Got the crib from my Mother In Law today. I'm excited to put it up, and we're not even gonna use it right away! xD
Nesting = lots of bags going to the salvation army, and lots to be thrown away!
@SpiritSea xD I don't know if I'll live anywhere but close to the west coast. Unless I move to London or something.
@SpiritSea I should be a professional organizer.
@SpiritSea Lol, It's hard to do my own room, but I'd be able to do others rooms pretty easily if it was done my way.
OMG I've gotten the bedroom looking like a BEDroom not a storage room!!
The way this little guy is moving, I won't be surprised if he's a star athlete as soon as he pops out!
@AttraktiveHeute Lol,well technically 19 is teen :P And I did it in the "right" order. Marriage, then conception, then baby.
Teens Don't Tweet? WTF? What am I? A duck?
Check out these cool necklaces :D
I keep feeling movement :3 It's so cool.
Check out these cool necklaces :D
We think we'll name him Milo Allen.
Breast Feeding is Offensive!
@knotby9 Actually I am xD It's really fun and soothing.
I've taken up crochet. Not too good at it, yet, but getting better :3
Ultrasound pic of my little man Trying to suck his thumb :3
@liltwinstars I LOVE that movie. my husband hasn't seen it, amazingly. I'll have to force him to watch it.
Check out these cool necklaces :D

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I'm a 19 year old stay at home wife(soon to be mom, due in December) who is persuing her passions of creating while selling online