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@asmallorange #ADY-119-64780
@asmallorange Very disappointed in shoddy service and support. Sites down over 12 hours due to database issue and no joy.
The twitterverse is always right. Don't challenge it. Let it win, move on stronger.
Proud that I was not one the 240 million "active" users who made today possible. #suckers ;-)
RT @kristin_koehler: Study: Firms that “Cast” Earnings Calls Underperform
How it should be “@StockTwitsIR: @irwebreport We at StockTwits love ALL of our customers :)”
Boy, @NYSEEuronext is so petty refusing to support its issuers who use @NASDAQOMX investor relations services. A lot of pissed off IR depts
NASDAQ actually sells its trading engine to other countries.
Dear U.S. biz media, Video earnings calls are not new. European and even New Zealand firms have been doing them for 10 years already. kbye
. @CSA_News Please fix TSX regulation. PR wire required for AGM results! Why? Web post & SEDAR would be fine.
Bloomberg's piece on the Netflix earnings video chat gets at the problem. IRO should be the moderator:
Just me or are some of this IRO's re-tweets flying a little too close to the sun?
$NFLX should get rid of moderators and the rest is fine.
$NFLX going all show business on earnings call not smart. Why do two outsiders get private info? Analysts asking Qs thru analyst is problem
Global client list means I haven't celebrated national holidays in over 12 years. #wwwlife
RT @IRtjk: One would think that by now LSE's RNS disclosure system would work with browsers other than Internet Explorer... but nope
Typos in promoted tweets are like trans fat in health snacks.
@pkiss Glad you got the joke.
IR conference effect. Researchers find stocks drop avg. 9.2% 90% of the time in 9 weeks post NIRI annual conference.
And @NASDAQOMX wonders why clients' emails keep getting flagged as spam. Unsubscribe torture

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