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How To: Replace the Battery in your #iPhone 7 Plus https://t.co/VcRCU0kYd0 https://t.co/LMg4izLIEY
DIY: Smart Touchscreen Mirror Based on iOS 10 - https://t.co/DBpkShbrJ5 https://t.co/CyMFMRaQ2A
vivofit Jr. Activity Tracker for Kids from Garmin - https://t.co/JtPE0uo0gp https://t.co/bHflt3fJqE
Hammerhead One Bicycle GPS + App - https://t.co/qefBzGRhWN
Amped Ally Smart WiFi System with Advanced Parental Controls - https://t.co/D19n1CccCA https://t.co/YEO9yzUTB4
Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker with Bluetooth https://t.co/wNXQIkOnNK
N2 Smart Electric Scarf with Bluetooth https://t.co/gDwEzmrR1m
N2 Wearable Cool/Warms You, Keeps You Connected https://t.co/v0zr1663i4
WiLoader: Control Your Robot over #WiFi using an iOS or Android device https://t.co/Eg8VSvnTLg https://t.co/EFoybYpgxi
Quick Math - Mental Arithmetic App - https://t.co/D1fSMYys6x
Hiking Project for iPhone - https://t.co/CEQ0Wv6KFY
CoBattery #iPhone Case with Swappable Battery https://t.co/dKZJBkYfxM
Captain Math for iPhone: Arithmetic Game for Children - https://t.co/gBiyfgx5P3
ZEI 8-Sided time tracking gadget https://t.co/JTqeN7RBM9 https://t.co/L7A3GdXI30
Occipital Kit Brings Room-scale VR to Smartphones - https://t.co/Ls5pezvkTP https://t.co/yy9ZSOwasN
7 Modular Strips, Speakers, Cases for Your Smartphone https://t.co/gjEmYhGzSI
LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar with Activity Tracking https://t.co/YMHPM8qWXk
GoTouch: Turn Your TV Interactive https://t.co/ZFursh0a8N
Lucid Dreamer: App-enabled Lucid Dream Inducing Device - https://t.co/1w3Gwku2S8 https://t.co/r6rW9qsko9
Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker [Bluetooth] - https://t.co/ZDsrhvhDgE

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