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5 Awesome Pregnancy Guide Apps for Dads http://t.co/Q5oLpfEtL4
#App review: 12 Rounds for iPhone http://t.co/iobC9TFkoh
3 reasons NFC for iPhone 6 must be unlocked, now http://t.co/EO8Qy371x0
AirVR – Virtual Reality for iPad Mini http://t.co/pwxWdDz1Hr
zenytime: Breathing Games for Smartphones http://t.co/9vNlGfVDLl
Learn How to Tie Your Shoes: 3 Apps http://t.co/FjBXi5Nxu0
Notion Smart Sensors for Home Intelligence http://t.co/ikzb156TLZ
#App review: Homejoy Home Cleaning for iPhone http://t.co/c3q4t63ihF
5 Cardio Boxing Workout Apps for iPhone http://t.co/FazbwOpQny
iOS 8 HealthKit app support delayed until “end of the month” http://t.co/G2fuFYXyv7
5 Smart Wearables To Track UV Exposure http://t.co/bbOeXTwMUw
#App review: Lush App: Drink Recipes on iPhone http://t.co/9Y5OrX9dUm
Fever Smart Patch Thermometer for Kids http://t.co/8EMQ5c1BRv
Google Glass companion app MyGlass for iOS updated w/ photo syncing, bug fixes http://t.co/qY04rs0CXQ
Tethercell: Control Battery Operated Devices with your phone http://t.co/B8Mb86y4Nk
Create Disposable Numbers for Your iPhone: 5 Apps http://t.co/IaB0YQiY0k
SwiftKey Brings Swipe-to-Type and Predictive Text to iOS 8 http://t.co/LNAiApzGCe
MOGA Wireless Controller for iOS Devices http://t.co/P3qmzQodEh
AirVR Headset for Virtual Reality for iOS http://t.co/OeV7pCPu6w
Relonch: Elegant Camera Case for iPhone http://t.co/WqK36C6V6N

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