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PhoneDrone: Use Your Phone as a Drone http://t.co/OOYTnc5NpU
Sengled Boost Dimmable LED Bulb + WiFi Repeater http://t.co/5nenkaR9Y4
Voltaic Milliamp Compact Solar Charger http://t.co/3sIJeF6Mw3
Duet: iPhone & Apple Watch Dock http://t.co/lSXa40TKmO
Bodyprint: Biometric Authentication on Smartphones Using the Touchscreen http://t.co/fB1Q96unMY
3 Smart Shoes w/ Smartphone Support http://t.co/UnGZxG3q88
#App review: MakerBot PrintShop Shape Maker for iPad http://t.co/u9O1TghTO4
5 Butt Training Apps for iPhone & iPad http://t.co/OLg9w5pIiC
Smart GasWatch: Bluetooth-Enabled Propane Tank Scale http://t.co/F1L5oSftWt
3Bays GSA Zone Golf Swing Analyzer http://t.co/KaxHeaFJBJ
Smart GasWatch Propane Tank Scale w/ Bluetooth http://t.co/w484PvlSUY
PIC: Flexible Camera + App Support http://t.co/iltafEhRj1
#App review: Workflow for iOS and Apple Watch http://t.co/ATvqR1SawD
iLuv SmartShaker Bluetooth Bed Alarm Shaker http://t.co/zSdyWN1BH5
WiTenergy: Bluetooth Energy Meter [iOS/Android] http://t.co/jP770d1h2E
PIC: Flexible Camera to Capture Action [App] http://t.co/6tmpMqC1oG
Apple Watch App Store Live, Apple Watch Teardown http://t.co/f54eu56l9w
MetaWear: Wearable Platform w/ Bluetooth & Sensors http://t.co/Cg3KZBWmDn
#App review: Apogee MetaRecorder for iPhone & Apple Watch http://t.co/qLyk2Dsebq
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard for iOS/Android http://t.co/03cjPFqc9Z

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