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#App review: Citymapper Live Transit App http://t.co/uFO2Q9gVoC
Charge Ninja: Credit Card Sized Charger http://t.co/0R8dxitYNV
QBracelet: Bracelet + iPhone/Android Charger http://t.co/Nx9WdqgvXJ
Star Walk 2 Astronomy App http://t.co/lqpFE37sIw
TCL Roku TV Smart TV w/ Mobile App Support http://t.co/0QUMX9cH6s
#App review: (How to) Pronounce for iPhone http://t.co/BvSLsDLFd2
iPad Air 2 Will Have 2GB RAM [Report] http://t.co/AMREP2JJpF
WallyHome Water Leak Detection System [iOS] http://t.co/oNzOpMP9WD
Syte Sleeve Smartphone Holder For Workout http://t.co/q1pyfZ8vgC
PowerGorilla Tactical Charger for Phones & Laptops http://t.co/q8iYDq3EBq
Eve: Smart Sprinkler Controller [App-Enabled] http://t.co/T7ci1VXnkf
POPSCOPE To Take Better Selfies & Videos http://t.co/KnUqvzzDKJ
Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider [iOS/Android] http://t.co/D5ytWRGMmp
Tracker for 25 for iPhone http://t.co/vcuM6veumH
Moovit for iPhone wants to fill the gap in transit information Apple has left http://t.co/qOXlbwpRNl
LADYBAG: Heated Handbag + iPhone Charger http://t.co/yho6kjoMLv
AirStand Minimalist Universal iPad Stand http://t.co/uE8n5MF1yX
@AppTalkInfo thanks for sharing!
#App review: Tracker for 25 for iPhone http://t.co/PtOZuzn7HE
WallyHome Water Leak Detection System [iOS] http://t.co/4wKTizfsWa

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