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Pacif-i Bluetooth Smart Pacifier http://t.co/Coa7GERzVP
#App review: MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder for iPhone http://t.co/N8UUosj6CB
D-Link Staples Connect Hub for Home Automation http://t.co/iVLfZEBM36
Pacif-i Smart Pacifier + iOS/Android App http://t.co/IoZHhmvN36
DeLorean Time Machine Case for iPhone 6 http://t.co/xOKLVHO1x2
Podo: Stick & Shoot Camera for iOS/Android http://t.co/rScLDbnbkD
Callaway GPSync Watch for Golf + Smartphone Notifications http://t.co/sqgEBY0BRr
Callaway GPSync Watch Improves Your Game http://t.co/XaUQZgVcTz
Podo: Stick & Shoot Camera [iOS/Android] http://t.co/SFWwJzDiE6
Smart Shoot Adapter Rifle Scope Mount for iPhone http://t.co/AOqZHSKZOK
Smart Shoot Adapter: Attach Your iPhone to Your Rifle Scope http://t.co/bQR6Z6nutZ
Use your iPhone / iPad As a Second Display: 4 Apps http://t.co/eW1xduqmRE
#App review: 4 Leg Training Apps for iPhone & iPad http://t.co/L6xM8Zqa9l
#App review: Do Camera by IFTTT http://t.co/M7kWoV62ja
Speed Read Everything: 5 iOS Apps http://t.co/tf2xCwrEbs
IFLOW PRO Dolly-Slider Kit for DSLRs & Smartphones http://t.co/HQuMNK80im
iRBeacon Smart Remote for Your Smart Home http://t.co/hIPxzDpkg6
#App review: Runtastic Butt Trainer for iPhone http://t.co/Rd7eyvWaXJ
iRBeacon: Smart Remote for Connected Homes http://t.co/AtktAUYWhm
Davek Alert Smart Umbrella w/ Bluetooth http://t.co/0KegabGTMI

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