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@VanityGames Death to pants!
On the plus side, no power loss. Downside, everything is covered in ice. We’re going nowhere.
My dog is always a dork.
@PetiteChablis Even Amethyst doesn’t have amethyst eyes.
Oh dear god, of course the MC has purple eyes. Everyone take a shot!
It’s amazing to me how hard it is for people to write within a less sexist society. They just default without trying.
@civilwarbore Oh crap, has anyone seen the first mate?!
@space_aged I need to get more forehead space, it’s way too short.
Husband made me a Dragon Age hat.
@civilwarbore Takes forever. I had to deal with all these stupid flowers before they died and I got cool skulls.
@civilwarbore Very tiny little skulls. I had a lot last year.
@Kouban Every day. Blanket them in pictures of the sick and dying. It’s the new Aids quilt.
I wish there was an intern who would slip a picture of a sick kid into Paul Ryan’s memos every day. You’re killing that kid, you shitheel.
@wigwam He’s too stupid to have his own thoughts, but is more than happy to steal anything around him.
Somehow my husband talks to his parents once a week for nearly two hours. I have no idea.
Though she needed to work on her astronomy if she thought a blue moon only occurred once every 100 years.
After growing my own garden I am 1000% on the witch’s side from Into The Woods. Not so much wanting a baby, but revenge. Big time.
Trump will repeat whatever was the last thing he saw. Someone follow him with giant cue cards that say “Universal Healthcare is good."
@space_aged Kicking donkeys isn’t nice but at least the donkey will kick back.

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