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@PhysicistLisa Burn ‘em all!
@space_aged Yup. It’s like when men tell women about wearing bras or how easy shaving legs is. How the fuck would you know?
@space_aged They probably just laughed like mad at him and he took it as a good sign. Nothing’s as thick as mediocre men’s self esteem.
@PhoenixStorm24 It’s okay, he can’t be sexist because his receptionist is a lesbian. I have no idea.
@space_aged It’s a special kind of mansplaining then they tell us what periods are.
@Joi_the_Artist @Newtaloo Not to mention sometimes steak is way cheaper than pork or chicken depending upon if a cow was recently fabricated
@Newtaloo After watching caviar fall out of a carved up fish, I have no interest in eating it.
@Kouban They’re just a step above essential oil salesman.
“we’re using the vagina like a bladder just like tampons do.”
But I kinda wish to make myself in a relationship with sweettart jellybeans. It’d probably raise too many questions, though.
I was dating my husband a few months before joining facebook so I never changed my relationship status...
@Newtaloo I had snails once from the grocery store. They’re actually really cheap out of a can.
Pretty sure the dog thinks she’s our guardian and if she doesn’t check on us we’ll be sucked into the void.
How out of fucking touch do you have to be to think average americans eat escargot?
How many limo accidents has Oliver been in now? Three or four? #Arrow
@mocoddle I look forward to watching that guillotine fall.
RT @mocoddle: That was a good thing you did, Donnie. A real good thing.
@mocoddle And we thought it was disturbing when it was a 10 year old kid. This is much worse.
This is your reminder that the average doctor doesn’t know shit about nutrition because they don’t have to.
Anyone with a vice grip wanna come and squeeze my shoulders into submission?

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