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Reminder about your invitation from Samuel Serrano Muñoz - LinkedIn http://t.co/eDVp6CM1
Invitation to connect on LinkedIn - LinkedIn http://t.co/MTBxetYz
'I am interactive arts' by Amy Lawrence - This is my 24 hour film. I had quite a few technical issues and... http://t.co/CGwsqSAb
My Interactive Arts http://t.co/yO7Yiwnu
Laura Warters http://t.co/lVHPHn1I
my interactive arts - Beth de Cent “My Interactive Arts” 24 hour video challenge http://t.co/aiTCscxI
interactive arts videos - *Hi, this is marta and sam… we made two videos but they were too big to send... http://t.co/ya1dG4l2
My Interactive Arts - My Interactive Arts Kirsty Round http://t.co/8WanlK0n
Tom Bevan http://t.co/NNnmMlRH
My Interactive Arts - Hannah Davies http://t.co/onjhawW7
My Interactive Arts - Name: Tom Bevan Vimeo link: Thanks! http://t.co/kgzK95D9
Jermyn's video - http://t.co/fDsIPsjt Jon BIDDULPH Course leader. Erasmus Coordinator, B.A. Hons... http://t.co/auzW8YDu
Photo: http://t.co/lAEuB1Ri

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Interactive Arts Director, Owner, Sales, Marketing doin it all.., just LOVE Art and selling Art. For me this is the dream job; it's as good it gets!

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