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Create a powerful way to allow employees to feel they have a sense of ownership, destiny and pride.
Walking in a dream around Makati with my lovely wife. "Walking 3 times a day will bring a baby", they say.
I'm back in Makati now with my family. The heat and humidity are testing but the atmosphere and the people sure make up for it. More soon.
Wonderful imaginative story. Man travels the world on Twitter freebies. Raises £5000 for charity.
Google. The world's largest affiliate? or
Thinking you could look better? Custom Backgrounds & Twitter Account Management. Fresh styling from $45.00.
Hoot Suite for managing multiple twitter accounts. I'm even scheduling messages for my clients to send at a future date.
Hosting a Youth Social Innovation Challenge in Sept. Need a couple of experts in Social Media to present 1 hr via webinar from anywhere.
Planning the first youth innovation camp for Melbourne

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Social Innovation Challenge for 9-14 year olds

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