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Global Innovation Certification Update: DOWNLOAD Description of how project submissions work and a NEW special offer....
Openings available for a live Global Innovation Certification Training in Cambridge, MA July 23-24, 2014. RSVP Today
Combating the Dark Side of Technology (Part 1) @jhagel - The Bottom Line #technology
Indiana Innovation @stephvincentin - Attention from Salesforce and Beyond #businessmodels
7 Steps to Craft a Compelling Business Model Narrative @paul4innovating - Move to the Customer Side #buildcapability
The Innovation Daily is out! Stories via @G8rtim
Who should own innovation in your organization? - - Braden Kelley - #innovation #leadership #management #hr #ideas
@meghanllockwood Thanks for following along. :-)
Is Innovation Really Everyone's Job? @innovationfixer - Why can't everyone innovate? #buildcapability
The Innovation Daily is out! Stories via @Sawaf99 @KeniSimola @Avaya
Kill New Product Development Projects Faster! Michael Glessner - Improving NPD Performance
Innovation TV Part 2 @stevetodd - Elevator Pitch Videos #entrepreneurship
The Future of Wearable Tech @ixchat - Humans and #technology
Rise of Tech Innovation @ixchat #infographics
Be Fruitful and Multiply @drewboyd - The Multiplication Technique #processes
The Innovation Daily is out! Stories via @hollandtrade @bymaddyness
The Innovation Daily is out! Stories via @Zimobog
@therealinnovate Hey, stop impersonating me. People keep asking me why I am adding them to lists, but it's you. Can u change ur name?
RT @MichellePrytula: Knowers have knowledge in their pockets. Learners take their knowledge, apply it, and innovate with it.…
@njuekchomba Not sure what the question is. Check out my free video keynote at for the answer. :-)

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