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RT @limonadeinc: Whitespace #WebDesignTips Steer clear of clutter making it less distracting for your user. #WebDesign #Local787 #Puer…
RT @rj_c: Issues with @att after #HurricaneMaria? If they are not offering a fair resolution file an FCC Complaint here → https://t.co/DsB…
"Cheap" Hosting is expensive - Web Hosting - San Juan, PR https://t.co/wcLp4ER7CF
Aunque gerencia del @ElMesonPR ignora mis quejas de servicio me alegra ver en el mall la fila larga de ellos #apoyalodeaqui via @rj_c
RT @rj_c: This morning I had a vehicle from @estacionayvuela almost hit my car. It's seems they don't care https://t.co/LHIdXPyqVZ https://…
Thanks to @residente I just realized The Polite & Humble Man on the Beach is a Talented Rapper https://t.co/e0n2ahbY5M via @rj_c
Check Out This #vegan guide to #Disney World Resorts & Parks in #Orlando https://t.co/znZiDLepFF via @veglatino
Why are Vulture Hedge Funds Destroying #PuertoRico's economy? #noalajunta @Lin_Manuel https://t.co/8XamSFVome via @rj_c
Free proposal template and $1K up for grabs @wpelevation. Definitely worth checking out! https://t.co/NaPBH1jgXB
Sunrise... #IslaVerde Beach #Carolina #PuertoRico https://t.co/We3HAtRvlL via @rj_c https://t.co/sq04SvZHdp
RT @rj_c: Bird’s Eye view of Flamenco Beach and Lagoon https://t.co/3t3feSHHvG #PuertoRico
The @Avis in Isla Verde Does Not Try HARDER #SignatureSeries #PuertoRico #Avis https://t.co/JF4GPRfPGS via @rj_c
¿Necesitas el recordatorio de que tu receta ya está, o que te toca la próxima? https://t.co/MRnVpn1Tpw via @SanRafaSanturce
Join @BrassValley & #infosec & IT experts @jtmcarthur56 & @InfoParkingLot . Learn how to deal hidden corporate data. https://t.co/28zyBPbvqi
Buenos Dias! El Señor Sol is Peeking #Sunrise #IslaVerde http://t.co/xXQTAGsycB via @RJ_C http://t.co/OAtvhB3jhD
Cloudy Day over in Isla Verde Beach. I hope you are enjoying the weekend. #PuertoRico http://t.co/g4Ov3MCogG via @rj_c
Pelican over Breaking Waves #IslaVerde #PuertoRico http://t.co/cUzsvO8XY7 http://t.co/XWLC3o07Ca via @rj_c
This early in the morning I share the beach w/ early risers & Mother nature #Sunrise #PuertoRico http://t.co/Dc3NscSZeC via @rj_c
Perro Maltés Blanco Perdido en Área de #IslaVerde #PuertoRico Responde al Nombre de Snowy http://t.co/XI8JCp5wjJ via @dogsofislaverde
Casper the Friendly Catamaran - https://t.co/V0RBS6froT via @rj_c

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