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My Bro. Amarjeet Rai is getting married on 28th of april.. all are invited.. make sure to Bring bulky gifts😊😉😉😃😃 — feeling happy
Dream can't let u sleep 😉
Good night my friends, lets see whos online 😄😄
History of april 1st: April 1 is called as FOOL'S day aftr Steve April. Steve April was born on 1st april 1579....
2crore black money found in my apartment
good morning guys, yesterday removed 113 girls from my list #Egogirls
Today's task i am going to unfriend around 400+ people from my friends list, who are not active
Good morning friends
putin is powerful, Donald trump is rich.. #putins #russian #DonaldTrump #American
Happy Guddi Padwa to all friends 😊😊
mine first try for writing
@SnehalBodhankar really nice shayari!!!
This is Page for Golf lover .. like it
i am a huge fan of you. #shirleysetia #singer #Fan @ShirleySetia
motivational line “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
Very rare people are awake at night, and working hard to make their dream come true..
how many have guts to propose i wanna see
Good morning Guys😃😃 !!
Seeya my new melodious singer on my favorite list #seeya #Criminal #Song #beautifulSinger #prettygirl #CuteActor...
You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.❤❤ — feeling inspired

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i am fresher in the world due to shortage of intellegence in world grace , i was born to help and give solution that rises my follower

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