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@wilkenm could you tell me more about the project? I would like to help you.
@fabiobozzo Apache Solr FTW!
@raashid why? what makes it difficult for you? thanks.
@picklepete most of the time you should also reindex the content after making schema changes
RT @bwilken: stop fighting the adoption of document databases. the revolution is coming. They are more mature, without the debt.
RT @flairbuilder: FlairBuilder 2.0 Beta 3 – Critical bug fixed, better page links management and more - Go and get it!
@shafqatislam you should check the solr / lucene developer email list. there are a lot of smart people there
upgraded all the managed Apache Solr instances to 1.4.1 and improved the Drupal module. find out more about Indekspot
@kanundrum I understand. I will also perform some checks on the hosted containers because hey are powered by jetty but I had no problems.
RT @buddaboy: Good Apache Solr tip when using with Drupal #drupal
@maish what kind of help do you need?
@travisbell yep! facets + spatial queries (soon to be released) make solr rock!
@kanundrum why? jetty seems like a mature and stable servlet container.
@benhaan use the best tool for the job. if you want search and filtering go for solr.
thanks for retweet @Tica2 @vvladescu
RT @flairbuilder: FlairBuilder 2.0 beta 2 is out - New menu bar component, reusable floating panes and more. Check it out! ...
@failshell any particular reason? setup issues?
@pdumelle you could use shared hosting for Drupal and a managed Apache Solr container for searching and filtering
@bwilken I'm glad you found my advice useful.
@flairbuilder thanks a lot for spreading the word about @indekspot

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