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Considering ER.
@GinaMieczkowski thanks
Shop closed tonight also. Back pain is nearly paralyzing.
Knitting class canceled tonight and i cant get online to change it.
Wow...i cant even connect at a public wifi joint. @%$!
@peachykeenster what size?
@BovineSituation im with you.
Oh please I need to function a little while longer before everything goes to crap.
Again, why cant I own 1 piece of working technology...
Massive headache.
@BovineSituation lol...dm's to come...
@BovineSituation ohhh...too much.
@BovineSituation Oooo...if you do it, I'll totally join/help.
@BovineSituation aw :( Sux that its like that. I thought abt starting another one...but then I remember the last one.
@BovineSituation Oh wow. o_O You still have the meetup, or is it killed altogether?
@BovineSituation do tell...
Why cant I own 1 piece of working technology...
@BovineSituation ehh...other than life sucking a big one...?
I wonder if I can edit my profile from here...?

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