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@craftui @dotmariusz In a nutshell, friendly design is boring. Especially when "friendly" is a global corporation,… https://t.co/9IFI2pcxpk
Loving this music video by Fred Lebain and Gregoire Pedron! Nova Materia: ON/AV https://t.co/FCjyuPrJhf https://t.co/HnwdNpsLuP
Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS. https://t.co/hjSrc36CF1
Very interesting! A secure, version-controlled ⁰hub for your design files https://t.co/TneiVgCvIp
RT @reneritchie: Apple’s got a new Machine Learning site. Getting coffee, settling in for a read! 🤖🤔 https://t.co/u95rMGXsO4
Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto https://t.co/oNTTdblwVl
Cargo 2.0 https://t.co/aFuZ3XnKoo
The bleak outlook of the villages defined and devastated by China’s marshes. https://t.co/9sBlQlJ7Oh
RT @FastCoDesign: This hoodie is built to last 100 years–or at least outlast you https://t.co/CVwd2iJenS https://t.co/1zueXBuSQ0
RT @vickitourtouras: The talented video artist @harungu Poona: Soldier nominated for video of the day. Vote now!! via @VOTDtv https://t.co/…
HEVC and HEIF Will Make Video and Photos More Efficient. https://t.co/tEetHDg2jW #iOS10
Art meets digital. https://t.co/MsbCOxCEcb platform for artists of moving image and sound. Buy limited edition artworks as digital download
Amazing body of image making work from the Builders Club. https://t.co/nh1R9Jm5xw https://t.co/ZWeEkEr8XC
iPhone: The bet Steve Jobs didn’t decline https://t.co/lvzZvZ1DWb Great read on the massive challenge involved to create the iPhone.
Perfect Ten 10 years of iPhone https://t.co/NwkjfL93jR
Mobile, smartphones and hindsight https://t.co/zjmmKsbQxj
RT @JohnJCampbell: How Peter Thiel’s Palantir helped the NSA spy on the whole world https://t.co/q4IQ6jzU8V by @samfbiddle
#ELEMENT Kendrick Lamar's new video directed by @j_lindstroem takes music video—to motion picture level. Watch @… https://t.co/zxS6327j4i
Anti Social Photo app: https://t.co/fTVCXXA7rw Interesting concept that helps people capture the ordinary moments of life. (over 1440 days)

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