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At last!
The Evolution of Chromatic Type by @JamieClarkeType
How would you like to learn type design in Paris?
Commonly know as the ‘everything but the kitchen sink title-page.’ (Printed in Frankfurt by Sigmund Feyerabend in 1…
Beautiful branding examples from @HoeflerCo
New on ILT: The making of Thesaurus by @fermin_guerrero
RT @HoeflerCo: A sneak peek at our next font, used for the first time by two very fine people.…
Fascinating blog from @yvonneseale ‘Making Women Matter, One Medieval Manuscript at a Time.’ Esp. appropriate today:
This'll keep you busy
@MRL57 @britishlibrary help appreciated but you should not expect users to type Boolean operators when searching. Serious UI/UX flaw.
@MRL57 I perform dozens each day. Will @britishlibrary continue to host a copy?
@CERL_org If you are going to host the ISTC database, please fix search!
The beautiful new Chronicle Hairline by @HoeflerCo Changing my name to Oz Orion Obéron, so…
RT @typegirl: Never fear! If you are like me and didn’t get to attend @ATypI this year you can still watch the video here.…
RT @HoeflerCo: Please share widely! Editors: what's the most common thing in a _manuscript_ that ultimately gets rendered as "2⅗" ?
RT @commercialtype: NEW RELEASE! Robinson, a sans serif with a lively texture and personality, our first release by @greggazdowicz https://…
@TJFoxGodden Try @stewf @typeoff @NickSherman For that era they’d know better.
New on the Font Wall: La Taqueria from @sudtipos
RT @shadychars: I'm excited to have an extract from #THEBOOK published at @ilovetypography, one of my favourite sites. Have a read! https:/…
@shadychars I now use Operator for all my writing. But I do find I'm always looking for excuses to use italic.

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