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Our favourite ginger Colleen Robinson (@weegingerbean) RECALLED at AIs!! Way to kick butt SuperGinger,... http://fb.me/Q7YlBmRa
Happy Robbie Burns Day! RT @Tartan_Twist: Words you don't want to read on haggis packaging - 66 per cent extra free
ATTENTION ALL IRISH DANCERS! RT @irishlanguage: Tá mo chos briste.: expression meaning "My leg is broken." in Irish. http://bit.ly/hLyHU4
@honeybeebungalo Awww, that sounds just gorgeous!
RT @weegingerbean: @iheartthatdance LONG LIVE GINGERS aka GINGAH's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Safely a ginger again after weekend hair appointment. It's the exact shade of my wig so I feel like I need a (fake) tan though ;) #irishFTW
HECK YEAH! I secretly want to be her. Ooops. Secret's out.RT @thejodester: Likes: The Little Mermaid and all things "Ariel".
U picked design & tartan so give yerself a pat on the back! RT @blueeyedqueen: back view w/the best jacket ever! http://twitpic.com/3shczd
Later this year :) @IHTD_Nic is offline being Mama to her cutie-pie new baby girl! RT @christinedances: Can we buy this stuff on the site?
WOOHOO HOT MAMA! :D RT @blueeyedqueen: my amazing new outfit by @iheartthatdance I <3 it! http://twitpic.com/3shbgv
Shout out to all the tired Highland dancers out there who have started/will be starting the 2011 Burns supper season!
@megthekegg Couldn't resist :D
Woot! Big sparkly rhinestone-encrusted birthday brouhaha wishes to @megthekegg! One year closer to being a SENIOR LADY LOL
@megthekegg Eeep! Is it yer birthday???
@weegingerbean @ArgentumLuna Not that it's actually possible for Colleen to have a fat ass, or fat body part of any variety ;)
@weegingerbean @ArgentumLuna Then comes Colleen in her fat-ass sweatpants!!
@weegingerbean @ArgentumLuna Colleen and Jelly Doughnut sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes nom nom nom, then comes sugar trance..
@weegingerbean @ArgentumLuna If you sprinted that means you get two!
@SCARYDERRY Stop changing your Twitter name! I'm old and it confuses me LOLOL

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