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http://t.co/znTWQjxz : Robotics, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and the Walking Excavator! New Construction Machines…
Rugged Tablet Design for Field Technicians on the cover of Design Product News Canada Dec 2011 edition. www.dpncanada.com
Last tweet: The Great Stagnation, written by Tyler Cow Noted in the article "Why we're on a fast track to the 1970s" http://t.co/gVwJ6qo
The U.S. has used up [the business of] the frontier; educate all of the farm kids; and build a couple of cars for every family, and thus ha…
3D Printing see how it is done http://t.co/xWTxy3Z with video link!
Just had a excellent dinner at www.ravinevineyard.com a must stop in Niagara!
Design Marketing Manufacturing http://lnkd.in/z_ReJf
I created group Design Marketing Manufacturing on Linkedin.: http://lnkd.in/z_ReJf
Attended a Rapid Prototype Seminar last week, top machine looks great for 3D Product Design validation!
Last night took home one of Niagara's 2011 Top 40 Under Forty Awards, but the reel trophy is coming up in a few week…http://www.esnagami.com
Rugged Tablet Awarded for Technological Innovation, seen at the latest SMOPYC show in Zaragoza Spain. See more at: www.idws.ca/blog
Shown in Spain and won an Award, Tablet Computer & Control Box that drives a Mining / Industrial press used around the…http://lnkd.in/bZa5XU
Honda tells an out-innovate, out-educate story! See our blog post about this www.idws.ca/blog
Virtual Reality in CAD - the price is becoming reasonable, and NVIDIA pro 3D could help reduce costs for Product Design. www.idws.ca/blog
2010 is our busiest on record, despite the recession companies are looking for a Wow Design Edge in their product development. www.idws.ca
Product Styling Cover Story May Issue of www.dpncanada.com print and digital editions. Plus our new LED Lighting design: www.idws.ca/blog
iPad vs. HP tm2 Tablet : which works best for your business, see our review of a tablet laptop vs. the new Apple iPad www.idws.ca/blog
Style & Engineering - The Screw Boss Design and the perfect machine screw - keeping the styling free from sink marks www.idws.ca/blog
Qualitative Design, and how Ford gets it : Blog Report: http://bit.ly/aHkybH
Chief Design Officer - The CDO in the Board Room makes sure that a company stays on track for ROI. Read my CDO blog at: www.idws.ca/blog

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Industrial Designer, Product Development, Creative Engineering, 3D CAD, Rapid Prototyping.
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IDWS | Innovative Design Work Shop
Our Artist Renderings & Mass Models [3D CAD] help reveal the shape and style of what the future product could look like. Material Choice, Color and Texture Finish can be conceptualized at this time helping us choose the right production needs to meet your budget. Go To www.idws.ca/design.html

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