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RT @mindfulive: “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” - Buddha
RT @Zen_Secrets: A great way to start the morning. #FridayFeeling
RT @Lachybe: Get to the top of your game by learning about the morning rituals of these inspirational entrepreneurs.
RT @mindyourbr: Scientists have identified the 10 most common factors that explain how and why we fall in love: htt…
RT @artofwb: 5 signs you're a person who thinks deeply and prefers being alone:
8 success factors even more important than IQ:
Alan Watts brilliantly describes why we need to get ourselves away from the 'rat race':
Intelligent people all have one thing in common:
Watching this video from Alan Watts will help you to no longer fear death:
Scientists claim to have discovered what existed before the big bang:
5 signs you're a person who thinks deeply and prefers being alone:
This beautiful poem from Rumi will put your life into perspective:
RT @ideas: 21 Surprising Ways To Fire Up Your Creative Spark (Infographic): via @ideas
Want to fire-up your creativity? Here are 21 ways to do so:
RT @mindyourbr: They change their head position, their breathing changes & 8 other signs someone is lying to you vi…
RT @marcworth: How to accomplish whatever you want in life #entrepreneurship @ideas
RT @mindfulive: Alan Watts on how to develop confidence, trust your intuition, and eliminate self doubt (video): ht…
RT @mindyourbr: A top psychologist says there's only one way to become the best in your field: via @ideas https://t…
RT @ideas: Neuroscience Proves There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Male’ Or ‘Female’ Brain:
9 Ways You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations:

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