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Til miðnættis: London, París og Lyon í sumar frá 14.900 kr. -
It's only 3 hours (and a few clicks) away: Iceland from £90/DKK858:
Jólin nálgast í London og Köben - verð frá 16.900 kr., Kanarí frá 49.900 kr. og s... -
Er of snemmt að tala um jólainnkaupin í Brighton?
@habitullence send us a mail at We will see if we can help.
@beyourownreason send us a mail with your booking number to We will look at your case.
@nickminers @timjboddy your welcome
Northern Lights, from £90/DKK858. Also: a Reykjavík spa discount, good news for gourmets, and more:
Jólastemning í London og Köben - verð frá 16.900 kr., framhaldsflug og julebryg eða jule... -
Golf á Alicante: 7 nætur, 18 holur og 4 stjörnur. Plús Helgarferð til Köben og Kanarí í vetur:
@nickminers send us a mail at
@nickminers its been fixed now. :)
@karltryggvason komid i lag nuna.
Iceland Express awarded the third best low-cost airline operating in Denmark.
Big waterfalls, low prices: Iceland in November and December from DKK857 -
Kanarí í allan vetur, jólabjór í Köben og lúxusferð til Berlínar:
24-hour offer: Iceland from £85/€105/DKK719:
Barcelona á mánudaginn, Lúxusferð til Berlínar og allir um borð í Tuborglestina -
@ytourist Airline we rented planes from went bankrupt. So did we nearly. But we are better and will be flying to BOS 2013. NYC soon .

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Iceland's low-fare airline. For ridiculously exact information on our comings and goings, follow @IEX_OPS

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