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Jam Jam Reggae Night tonight at the Baltic Room!
@skrivkoop Thanks so much for the letter of support to the mayor & governor! We're in our final battle now with the LCB -- fingers crossed!
One should not drink an entire bottle of Syrah if one wants to feel fabulous ithe next morning...
Last one, you can also help us by writing your governor here: http://www.governor.wa.gov/contact/ Thanks!
You can also help us by writing your mayor here: http://bit.ly/TBbxX. Cheers!
Boozers! Please send email to the WA Liquor Control Board at wslcb@liq.wa.gov and plead for reinstatement of our liquor license!
What's up new i-booze followers?! Where did you all come from???
Seattle is officially objecting to our liquor license application! They say our business model is conducive to serving intoxicated peoples.
We can now sell tobacco products again! They still won't give us our liquor license back though! Grrr ... damn the man.
now sells Serenity Shots ... liquid ecstasy for your brain!
now selling cases of beer and mucho salvia!
I added myself to the Seattle Startup Twitter directory on @seattle20. Check it out: http://is.gd/BA1p
What kind of head shop items would you like to see on http://i-booze.com?
we now have Coors Light 18 packs!!!
hopes somebody beats the Lakers!
@mulka We were selling Grandma's cookies for a couple months, but no one bought any & they expired. We'll try again soon!
is now selling some basics like milk & OJ, dang we're healthy!
could feed a Somalian village with booze for a whole month with all the booze in our warehouse! Drink Up!
Now selling good 'ol Winston cigarettes!
is closing a deal on warehouse space in Seattle -- We will soon be closer to you Seattle boozers!

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