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RT @AwatsonOne: Off to #Madrid next weekend. It's #WorldPride2017 any recommendations for bars restaurants parties etc?
RT @TRERadioApp: Joining @ianrutter01 on Life Stories from 1.00 PM CET is Kitty Harri (AKA author Kitty Sewell https://t.co/KSSGjPOwgf
RT @tretalkisgood: Joining @ianrutter01 on Life Stories from 1.00 PM CET is Kitty Harri (AKA author Kitty Sewell https://t.co/VpJEzkFu0U
Tonight sees the official opening of our village bar! https://t.co/aazk0vVuUG
Baroque over-the-top splendour! Gilt overload in the Basilica de San Juan de Dios,… https://t.co/JfapEhSVkj
A bit of Baroque splendour. One of the ceilings in the sacristy of the Basilica de San Juan de… https://t.co/oriSyKKI4Q
@vickybeeching I can't wait to read the book....! When is it due for publication?
@Daft_Aider @sueperkins I'd call it more of a whine...
@sueperkins Can everyone in the UK just stop whinging!
@Independent Oh, here we go....
Guest for lunch! @awatsonone has been busy... #lunch #roofterrace #guest #summer #sun… https://t.co/dBbT3WHWLl
@innocent Almost?! The UK would surely just melt away...
Agapanthus against a clear blue sky #agapanthus #blueskies #sun #summer #heatwave #Spain… https://t.co/uw4YXjAvOL
@innocent We live in the hot part of Spain... https://t.co/GeJgIGZHr6
While everyone is twittering about the UK heatwave..... https://t.co/UWaXcJPDuu
Our first experience of Corpus Christi and La Féria in Granada: https://t.co/ZCfLasYEJk our latest blog post
Genuinely sad to hear that Brian Cant has died; he was my childhood....
RT @AwatsonOne: We discovered the Cabo de Gata last week. It's more than just a desert. Check our new blog post #twosouthofgranada https://…
Flamingoes, a Beach of the Dead, Indiana Jones and Spaghetti Westerns all feature in the latest blog posts https://t.co/79BVm0qn8X
Last weekend, we took a road trip to the Cabo de Gata in Almería Province. Read about our exploits if you fancy: https://t.co/79BVm0qn8X

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