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@georgelondon We had to free up some hardware before the transfer process was ready, I'm afraid. Sorry about the inconvenience! ^CW
@georgelondon FB app & is staying, thanks for your question. Also, this is a temp solution - we will transfer the data. ^CW
@perfectweather Please tell Harmony I said hi! ^CW
@perfectweather Done and done! :-) Thanks for using @iLike ^CW
@perfectweather How would you like it capitalized?
@JRVoncannon Sorry, we don't have that feature at this time. Thanks for the feedback!
RT @NightRPStar: Why thanks for the notification @iLike Local Concerts app, Silversun Pickups, Palladium Ballroom, 07.21 @ 7PM, I'm there!
@ekwetzel If you click "Contact MySpace" are you getting an error message?
iLike's free "Local Concerts" iPhone app is now featured in the latest Apple commercial:
@harmen_h Most of Deadmau5's concerts are entered by Deadmau5, which means they picked the tix link. Which date did you have trouble with?
@JumpChicoSlamm Is your upload still processing? If so, please let me know which band/song this is. Thanks! ^CW
@JumpChicoSlamm Do you prefer to go by "Sagat" or "Jump Chico Slamm"? Or did you want seperate artist pages for both? ^CW
@JumpChicoSlamm Please click "claim this artist" at the bottom of and let me know which songs on the Sagat pg are yours
@JumpChicoSlamm I'd love to help, can you send me the link to the page you're talking about? ^CW
@iquanyin Sorry, are you still having trouble? If so, can you DM me your email address please? Thanks!
@antonyadelaar can you DM me your email when you get a chance? Thanks!
RT @ladyantebellum: Listen to our new album in FULL & FREE exclusively on iLike & MySpace now! or
Lady A’s new album streaming on MySpace Music and iLike ( right now!
@concertreviewer You're welcome! :-) You should be able to access your artist dashboard via
@concertreviewer Yes, band notifications are in your artist dashboard under "settings": I've turned these off for you.

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