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When you got to go.
It's sad to see how humanity takes advantage of another being simply for their own selfish appetites and desires. R…
@JamesGoll Some incredible nuggets here @JamesGoll So good to see you be able to just sit and soak it up & be refreshed yourself.
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Morning @irisdelgado Occured 2 me in my quiet time 2 send a link 2 c some work we've already done
@DriveMaven How about JAX FL?
@_terispears @JeanCarlen @TFTenney Remember it's not good by. It's see you later. :-)
So @irisdelgado can we connect to discuss how to help more people fulfill their destiny by learning the skills in your book?
Nice to meet ya @entresummit ty4follow. So what would be your ideal client? Shall we collaborate?
The one who guards their mouth protects their life
Well @realDonaldTrump what about holding media network accountable 4 not providing programming that could have helped heal shooters heart?
If the LORD were to return today... Are your ready? Begin @ 31min & 14 sec to find out if you are!
@thefathereffect Combine that with the book The Ancient Paths by Craig Hill. The two work together.
@thefathereffect BTW have you read the book "Healing Life's Deepest Hurts" by Edward Smith? His Theophostic approac…
@thefathereffect You bet. Am passionate about what you're doing.
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