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@ethanlj Don’t think we didn’t run the numbers on that.
iFanboy is pivoting to ER.
It’s POW #616: MISTER MIRACLE #6 from @TomKingTK & @MitchGerads, with special guest host @haupt.… https://t.co/nOyAxodGIZ
This week’s episode is #616. And no one picked up on it while recording. Pro.
Pick of the Week is MISTER MIRACLE #6 by @TomKingTK @MitchGerads @ClaytonCowles! That and more comics talk on this… https://t.co/wyrGhWHgez
@ElOzymandias Nope.
@pipelinecomics We definitely forgot that.
Our newest t-shirt design is available now! Let everyone know just what kind of American treasure you are with the… https://t.co/LxaW9Jg7vn
PICK OF THE WEEK #615! Captain America! Snagglepuss! Batman! Iceman! Rock Candy Mountain! X-Men: Grand Design! More… https://t.co/tlVUjDMl2a
Pick of the Week goes to CAPTAIN AMERICA #697 from Mark Waid, @ChrisSamnee, & @COLORnMATT. We're back on Sunday. https://t.co/0TbfTN3zM2
@gooner424 Glad you enjoyed the podcast and the movie - one of our faves. Thanks for listening!
@AllanKelly6 Nope.
FINALLY! https://t.co/sNzz9S2aGs
@jhewlett glad you like it! one of our favorites
RT @Manruss: Sometimes when I hear about a new comic reboot or crossover, I think, "Man, that sounds like a bad idea." Then I remind myself…
Rob’s down with our people. Thanks all. https://t.co/xB1XmSCpZJ
RT @JAFlanagan: In a world where people are going nuts about their Star Wars, in whatever direction, the iFanboy audience is being being ve…
@MattyFightsEvil you mean three writers ;)
@MattyFightsEvil well, to be fair, the original trilogy had 3 different directors...
Our last show of the year! Special Edition - Star Wars: The Last Jedi! @JAFlanagan and @cskilpatrick are joined b… https://t.co/eoIV4CZUXH

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