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RT @JAFlanagan: Your April Talksplode has been recorded JUST under the wire. Look out for it soon.
If only @cskilpatrick were still alive to hear this news. https://t.co/qsALAeREhr
Are YOU on the right side of the Black Science question? Get right. https://t.co/9N0r1Xd3MQ
See people?!! No Excuse! VIVA BLACK SCIENCE https://t.co/e9ouJVMI5c
RT @Grapes4lunch: #GDAT @iFanboy @JAFlanagan @ronxo @cskilpatrick https://t.co/UAaKwcCIa8
ANOTHER CONVERT You too should be reading BLACK SCIENCE https://t.co/LT7O167Srf
@dodsy84 unfortunately our link is US only - we’re looking into getting a UK one - so soon - but don’t let that sto… https://t.co/J6TSGzp7ZC
Another satisfied customer! https://t.co/bhQoLZeije
@RTHowitzer oh no worries - us too! we love you and thank you for your support. email us with this and we’ll talk about it more on the show!
@RTHowitzer Sure - both companies have good things happening and some things that make us groan. We praise the good whenever we can
What are you waiting for people?!? Get on the BLACK SCIENCE train today! https://t.co/hQCPUvPF4W https://t.co/BQYMjDZNOv
@EricEilersen @Remender @ScaleraMatteo what are you waiting for? It’s the best!
@RTHowitzer we didn’t say there were no good artists at DC - of course there are
@wadeaustinellis Ha. Conor’s absence has very little to do with the music, would have likely been those songs if he was on
@SharableTexas that’s all you need to do - the iFanboy info was contained in the link we sent you. Thanks for using… https://t.co/jqQXtFUrw7
@SharableTexas try this: https://t.co/hPGpxB7Xot
Pick of the Week is NICK FURY #1 by @JamesDRobinson, Aco + @rachellecheri - This plus more on this week’s show! https://t.co/SCAWsfqT7f
@zackkruse @JAFlanagan @ronxo @cskilpatrick that doesn’t look like Josh at all
We’ve been parodied! https://t.co/OjhGKyPTrn
New comics day means that iFanboy patrons get to vote for a book to MAKE us read + discuss - Voting is open NOW https://t.co/3CaPuL2WIv

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