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@MasonKerr6 announced on today’s podcast - Hangout is 7/31 - 9:30 PM ET
Pick of the Week Podcast #594 - Aliens: Dead Orbit #3, Royal City #5, Secret Empire #6 and..Mekaneck? https://t.co/HY2hlJl2Oy
SDCC 2017 - Saturday at DC https://t.co/q8MZzbyxaE
BOOKSPLODE - The Street Angel Gang by @jimrugg + Brian Maruca https://t.co/bd9AcADA8D
Pick of the Week goes to ALIENS: DEAD ORBIT #3 by @HeGotGronch from @DarkHorseComics This, plus the patron’s pick… https://t.co/pY7j2dOGsH
@JeffRReid no, which is why we say “Choose Wisely"
GDAT. https://t.co/XWeako2VzN
ATTN: iFanbase in LA - what are you doing tonight? Go see @grantmorrison, @AshcanPress + more talk writing comics!… https://t.co/KWGQRYIUlj
POW #593! The Defenders! Spider-Men II! Calexit! Dark Days: The Casting! Deadly Class! Darth Vader! Mage! More!… https://t.co/CJEfEZfryI
@JJOrta https://t.co/eKzxinQMOP
Pick of the Week is THE DEFENDERS #3 from @BRIANMBENDIS @DaveMarquez @JPonsor @corypetit! That and more comics tal… https://t.co/CJwDvwVQ3V
@JakeRyanBrand @Remender thanks for listening. That @remender kid is alright, he’s got moxie.
RT @JAFlanagan: Super excited to see this GREEN LANTERN story from @CorinnaBechko @gabrielhardman & @jordantboyd https://t.co/qnLT6rTA8p
Do you like listening to iFanboy + podcasts in general? Support #NetNeutralityDay + let the @FCC know https://t.co/iN6d7mApfm
@J_Helge We post it on Wednesday morning, keep an eye out on Patreon for the post with the link to vote
Happy #PrimeDay! Don’t forget to use the iFanboy Amazon link before you start shopping! Thanks for your support! https://t.co/orkEel412M
Don’t let it go to your heads, Patrons! https://t.co/DismjIcsL1
@_fernandroide_ @Patreon thanks for your support!
@gosugarhighgo @Danielemmons all 3 of us went to IC!
@Danielemmons @gosugarhighgo it really is…gorges

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