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40% of companies are replacing their traditional recruiting systems, @SierraCedar says: https://t.co/CkSMfitKyI… https://t.co/R5HMIogAfy
RT @susan_vitale: Great article by @kelseykgee of @WSJ featuring @iCIMS, our data on the Class of 2017 & my gal Marie at @ERACCareers! http…
Our customer base is 20% enterprise (and counting). #Hiring #HRTech https://t.co/CAoaA4gtwW
It requires less paperwork thanks to one crucial piece of #HRTech, @KellyC_iCIMS writes. #ArborDay https://t.co/QXSIqKdcyY
Build and nurture relationships today, hire tomorrow. #TalentAcquisition #TalentPipeline https://t.co/V3yzGaFnqj
RT @GrJobInterview: You finally found the right candidate. Now what? How to increase job offer acceptances: https://t.co/j8dmzuFQhJ https:/…
We're making it possible to handle large volumes #hiring data in real time thru streaming API! #UNIFiTA https://t.co/ryjJkzd3Sx
Invest in candidate relationship management software. #HRTech #TalentPipeline https://t.co/V2J3aaTWMA
RT @kelseykgee: Attention Class of 2017: Employers will (begrudgingly) hire 5% more new college grads this year! https://t.co/Sk7IjD7gQo ht…
Niche #jobboards offer a targeted alternative to bigger ones, @SHRMRoy writes for @SHRM: https://t.co/5oVBGcp9ke #TalentAcquisition
A big welcome to @RiskGrp as they join our partner ecosystem! Check out their profile in our marketplace: https://t.co/R8UihguAoF #UNIFiTA
Happy #FollowFriday! Celebrate by following our newest partner: @4MATcom #FF
Short on summer talent? Don't sweat it! #Recruitment #TalentPipeline https://t.co/KUW9NL9EGB
RT @susan_vitale: Class Of 2017 Face A Reality Check When They Graduate via @forbes @nsdmorrison. Great article using @iCIMS data! https://…
"We chose iCIMS...to handle our high volume hiring needs." - Senior Specialist of #HR Operations at Sunoco #HRTech https://t.co/iL1zAP4sdI
The average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, the @EPA says. #ArborDay #Recruiting https://t.co/C1ESmzn3x6
RT @Colin_iCIMS: Great times at @iCIMS #TakeYourChildtoWorkDay Recruiting never starts too early, right? https://t.co/yDqTA9Uh0z
RT @Entelo: The Dangers of Hiring Candidates Based on Personality https://t.co/fQlDea11u7 by @willcoreyclarke #hiring #recruiting https://t…
We're making strategic investments to better support our enterprise customers. #HRTech #Recruitment https://t.co/oQYdfoEbnR
#HR's days of environmentally unfriendly paper-heavy practices are largely over. #ArborDay https://t.co/3yUb2NzSO3

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