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Great, the person who tried to con me into giving out password and user ID for Facebook is terminated and clean out by FB.
http://t.co/MUTCyTS6cs Client relocating to another place @ Metropolitan YMCA. http://t.co/EWBsXutBQ4
Client got a big bill for adwords. Went in and tune it quickly before more damage is done. Pls, becareful with... http://t.co/yAvIrmZvpv
Doing some tidying up and maintenance work for this client: http://t.co/zMccgRBruU If your "Ang... http://t.co/gMbgYwAG0l
Sharing a good cause message to all my business clients. Scentuary is collecting old clothing till end January... http://t.co/20sqnWzUwV
Launch of a new site. http://t.co/rsusRHbxgK http://t.co/UUVy1SYZCG
Property Agent Site: http://t.co/2TCpXHZnis she's a Bartley Ridge appointed agent. Check out condo new launches... http://t.co/5C1836epCY
Exixting customer extending their business to open a eStore: http://t.co/6CyYDAAuj4 http://t.co/6FIUvjRUnx
Another Client's site: http://t.co/ypQcVfuJ3Y to assist you with rental needs? http://t.co/NEsUNznPIj
New Client's Site: http://t.co/eVV6lZNp12 Scentuary Lifestyle Pte Ltd is a one-stop holistic spa where one can... http://t.co/LAwao8edZ7
Actually missed this: Google to Buy Motorola Mobility http://ht.ly/6qxjx My wish is 4 item don't weight like a brick or a stab of cement.
Hmm e-commerce site could not keep with fire sale. HP's TouchPad fire sale: The fallout ~ http://ht.ly/6dJby [ZDNet]
LinkedIn Opts in users to share private information to advertisements. - http://ht.ly/61K2L More related info can be found here from...
Google Offers To Re-Write Your Webpages On The Fly, Promising 25% To 60% Speed Improvements http://ht.ly/5RaDs
DecorMyEyes inappropriate use of Search Engine for website rankings http://ht.ly/4UWrp Similar report from last year http://ht.ly/4UWsK
Check this out: A client's new site www.Stepping-Out.com.sg They are into ballet coaching for kids. Want your... http://fb.me/O2TVOHZ6
Reshaping IT management for turbulent times http://ht.ly/3j0cb ~ McKinsey
Google Docs Now Syncs With Microsoft Office http://ht.ly/3dK2C
RT @TweetSmarter: r/t Japan Apparently Strongly Prefers Twitter Over Facebook http://j.mp/9mgORU
@TweetSmarter nice, like your direct msg tweet. That's a very common liner. ; )

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