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RT @itsnicethat: Moonpig unveil a complete brand overhaul designed by its in-house creative team, with a new typeface by @_Face37 > https:/…
@GreenRay07 @frankwarren_tv I'm after my refund too!
@frankwarren_tv Think you've got a lot of explaIning to do as no one can buy the PPV, making them subscribe! Offcom call is in order I think
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom We will look into the email issue this side, have a wonderful week.
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom We simply tried to help, and swearing and derogatory comments don't really help us to do that a… https://t.co/80S2PsFvV8
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom Which email provider were you using as we are receiving support emails, but we have nothing from you unfortunately.
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom Located your order Andrew, this was a bank issue - can appreciate you were frustrated, however… https://t.co/AOwLjzBPHh
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom We can try and resolve the issue for you, but if you can't provide an order number we are limited as to what we can do.
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom Sorry you feel that way, it wasn't condescending, but essentially without the order number we can't locate the issue.
@lifeonmarw Thanks Marwin, just received it. Will resolve this for you now.
@lifeonmarw Also, do you know which bug it is your referring too? One on the website, or with font software?
@mstrbrwn @Fontscom Again if you provide your order number, we can actually take a look into getting this resolved for you...
@mstrbrwn We have no support emails from you, so if you send your order number through we can take a look.
@mstrbrwn What's your order number? We can't control how the Bank and Paypal integrate unfortunately, and for fraud… https://t.co/PTC6KLwhdY
@lifeonmarw Can you send to foundry[at]hypefortype[dot]com please
@mstrbrwn What's your order number?
@mstrbrwn This isn't a HFT problem as such, if the funds are not within your paypal account then the bank has to send them to Paypal.
@ThreeUK You're not sorry at all, your company is probably the worst in the UK. Don't forget to "THREATEN" those customers for the bill!!!!
@lifeonmarw Are you trying the contact form, if so which dropdown?
@mstrbrwn If you paid with an e-cheque then you'll need to wait for it to clear, it's basically a fraud prevention.

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