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If you're looking for howies HQ tweets, we have moved over to @howies - thanks loads to @billbdesign for the username!
Thanks for following us @howies - all the best @billbdesign! (feel free to follow my personal account - I post lots of design stuff! #design
Hi all @HOWIES - please be advised that this twitter account will be transferred to an non How Design account. Be sure to follow @howbrand
RT: @billbdesign & @danielcollins: Mad Men Yourself -
Ball Point Pen art:
RT @billbdesign Drive a Dolphin Inspired Personal Submarine:
RT: @HOWmag Job Of The Day: Vice President of Creative Services Access TCA, Atlanta Access lives at...
@erinmharris Coming to Boston Next weekend. We already booked a place though.
RT: @billbdesign Cool new iPhone App to pick colors:
@psesko can't wait for the new Slayer. That are on Twitter now! @Slayerband
RT @billbdesign Creepy Vintage Ads:
RT @billbdesign Now this is searching with fun!
RT @howies: Name your favorite Speaker, Vendor SWAG from this years #HOWconf? ... Read More:
RT @LogoMotives: A gallery of my 2009 #HOWconf photos • (via @NeenahPaper)
Joining a Twitter group. - What twibes do you belong to?
@nicole_fletcher Denver!
@rolaine Congrats!
Name your favorite Speaker, Vendor & SWAG from this years #HOWconf?

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