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Officially going to bed now, right now. Lots of dreams London.
If it gets too hot you might need to know where to find the best ice cream in London
Visit dinosaurs that survived the worlds first Dinosaur park (1854) at Crystal Place park in London
@twinniecarol , drat nothing did happen. have a lovely night zzz...
Time to spend a few hours with my subconscious - night night London hello somewhere else.
staying awake just in case something happens.
Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #london, #hotels, #travelagent
Secret Trails - treasure hunt for kids in SW London (via @BarefootScuba)
Time to haul my carcass off to work, have a fab day you all.
Underground tearoom in London
Marvelous day, I'm quite sure anything could happen, London is shinning.
some good eggs #ff @anna_lounge @revstan @the_real_Isser @julietdh @teacast @jeanne_jeannie @benners79 @Goldyfinch
night night London you big sweet thing.
@benners79 Thanks, hope you find a good one.
@benners79 Hi Ben, my tips - Garden View (Earls Ct) £66 Thistle Barbican £89 St Giles £115 (Totenm Ct Rd) check on ?
Off to the office, I feel like an ant treading a well worn path.
I'm now listed on the Local Twitter Directory for London, London:
Beaming myself into reality with a stiff shot of coffee.
Plato and Socrates in Athens now Alain de Botton in Heathrow - Philosopher and hot air
Morning London, big day at the Oval today - The Ashes decider between England and Australia

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