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I'm tried and tested but still standing.
I give my self permission to fly and not be afraid.
Light can shine through the smallest crack. Follow the light and break down the barrier.
Never stop fighting for your purpose. The next generation needs you.
RT @SimonaKing3: Great @bmsnews presence at WOTY #HBAImpact congrats Adrienne Gonzalez and MaryChristian Rising Star and Luminary https://…
RT @bmsnews: Congratulations to Adrienne D. Gonzalez, named a @HBAnet 2016 Rising Star! #HBAimpact https://t.co/gBdq7hFjqe https://t.co/iDG…
RT @bmsnews: Proud to be a partner of @HBAnet for more than 25 years! #HBAimpact https://t.co/pgkBvnD1nZ
RT @nicolemplant: The team from @bmsnews is rolling deep today at WOTY! #HBAImpact https://t.co/vCyi5PsSUJ
RT @nicolemplant: "I had to expose myself to being wrong, I thought I had to be right if I opened my mouth." - Jennifer Cook of @genentech…
Congrats Adrianne. #hbaimpact https://t.co/FGyfdRXchp
Congratulations BMS Rising Star and Luminary award winners. #hbaimpact https://t.co/YNFWKfrCsm
WOTY. Past Rising Star Ambre Brown. #hbaimpact https://t.co/tC8Bm1OM4P
WOTY BMS celebrating Adrienne Gonzalez and Mary Christian. #hbaimpact https://t.co/kCQpMe4mER
WOTY BMS selfie. #hbaimpact https://t.co/jnCASYngio
WOTY celebration. BMS and JNJ cekebrating together. #hbaimpact https://t.co/LLFgtpDq3o
RT @JessicaAPfennig: Yvette Lincoln getting ready for Salute to the Stars @hightideempower #HBAImpact https://t.co/DaWOIUvN0O
RT @JessicaAPfennig: We are #HBAImpact Rising Stars! .@HBAnet @nicolemplant @LeAnnaJCarey https://t.co/rpbJvV8WEd
Dine around after the Salute to the Stars reception. #hbaimpact https://t.co/8GVLzUCg4O
I am so excited for WOTY!!!! #hbaimpact https://t.co/JRq32giotz
It has been a wonderful year! Thank you to all of the volunteers. #hbaimpact https://t.co/BwOUiYvByD

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