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Feel free to take the code and do what you like with it, and thanks for using Helvetireader! #signingout
Sorry folks, this is one side project too many, so I'm mothballing Helvetireader for good now. Try Reeder or Feedly for a better experience!
Sorry, no updates for Helvetireader in ages, but thanks to Patricia Clausnitzer for the Russian Translation! http://bit.ly/c3ev7M
I've added @pyro979 to the user.js excellent patch to simulate refresh after load (solving the 'bottom looks funny' problem. Thanks!
@rmanalan thanks for doing that! I need to update the homepage with these new extensions. I've also made some new icons for them too
@Astrophizz Sorry, I still have to sort some weirdness out in Opera
@dzgh you do know that I don't work for Opera anymore don't you? ;)
@KirinDave Cool! Could you email me? jon at hicksdesign.co.uk
@offby1 Not sure why it's not working for you - it's been fine in my Chrome for ages. Maybe try deleting it and re-installing?
RT @pope52: http://bit.ly/d5oC1T Someone made a quick port of Helvetireader to Safari 5 extension (yay!)
@smorgasbord it's a just userstyle for Google Reader
@brnmtf will do soon! thanks!
@powersurf Chrome treats user scripts as extensions (bonus!) but it needs to be made into a proper extension…
@Zyber17 doh! thanks for spotting that!
@tomthebomb10101 Helvetireader does not change Keyboard Shortcuts, it's just a style. Press shift+? for Google Reader shortcuts
@stuartfrisby good to know, thanks!
@jinah let me know how it goes!
@jinah hmm, weird. Possibly a problem with the fluid app? Have you allowed it to go to any URL in the preferences?
@jinah Can you send me a screenshot so I can check? Also what browser/OS are you using?
@jinah Helvetireader shouldn't affect login, unless it's hiding a form element (even then it's designed not to be used on the login screen)

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About helvetireader

Helvetireader is a minimal theme for Google Reader. Track it's progress here. Please note, there will not be a GMail theme!

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