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Black and White Leopard Silk Sleep Mask Blindfold with Mini Bow and Rhinestone https://t.co/pI29Ym2xx5
Black and White Polka Dot Sleep Mask Blindfold with Black Lace and Mini Bow https://t.co/o9ldHSVmft
The Antoinette Cameo Charm Necklace https://t.co/kiYqlzkt0z
Gold and Black Sleep Mask with Gold Bow https://t.co/EFImIDQeHJ
Baby Black Sleep Mask With Black Lace and Mini Bow https://t.co/fnqXRJbT0r
Rose and Black Scrollwork Sleep Mask with Sequin and Silver Mini Bow https://t.co/Xakhe6P0xw
Bright Peony Sleep Mask with Lemon Mini Bow https://t.co/EYY7qIps3i
White Daisy and Rhinestone Upcycled Vintage Pendant Necklace with Pearls https://t.co/eP3FpI3dqv
Black and Whiet Zebra and Lace Sleep Mask w Mini Bow https://t.co/ALN7DeFud8
Men's Silk Charmeuse Sleep Mask in Black Brown Ivy or Purple https://t.co/AIuHeIEb3d
Baby Blue Sleepmask Blindfold with Black Lace and Mini Bow https://t.co/hjlIkLCjw1
Romantic Draping Multi Strand Necklace w Grey Pearls and Floral Cameos https://t.co/3RYnlvs3Sh
Electric Blue Leopard Lace Sleep Mask with Rhinestone Jewel and Mini Bow https://t.co/jSG8AoS6cg
Leopard and Lace Sleep Mask with Black Mini Bow and Rhinestone https://t.co/ypzAtVO19d
Baby Pink Sleep Mask Blindfold with Black Lace and Mini Bow https://t.co/TF8hk2M1nF
Rhineston Chandelier Choker w Black n White French Toile https://t.co/CQYx4TL5Nv
Baby Black Sleep Mask Blindfold with Black Lace and Mini Bow https://t.co/pdNReuqUAa
Go Yellow! Long Draping Multi Strand Necklace w Vintage Czech Glass Beads https://t.co/aWo7m7RNwn
Upcycled Vintage Floral Pendant with Pearls and Rhinestone https://t.co/nNs0VYKCYp
Baby Pink and Silver Floral Sleep Mask https://t.co/lrwBlnrsGN

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Beautiful Handmade Dresses and accessories for the Fashionista on Etsy from $50-$300
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silk dresses, dresses, jewelry, chokers, jackets, boleros, scarves, art, sleep masks, blindfolds, necklaces, bracelets, skirts, coats, party dresses, ready to wear, prom dresses, bridal

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