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Wow! Color film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin.... http://t.co/B7B4fjKtCj
New Photos at http://t.co/373JTL3sFj http://t.co/7iQm8FxoyU
Super creative!!! Love it!!! http://t.co/mtnHADRI2X http://t.co/OLuUPBbeVz
Good news for artists!... http://t.co/FJQCoRGWkF
Visions By A Master of Black & White... http://t.co/4jvZqXndBK
This is pretty sweet!!!... http://t.co/AWMqYXfRlU
A Portable Printer That Lets You Print Smartphone Photos On-The-Go - http://t.co/b2JDAlpDUP http://t.co/2wjXea0wiM
For those that may want to pursue their passion in photography. Sounds like an amazing trip!!... http://t.co/nNfNzkWXbw
http://t.co/7UGlf2Qa1S http://t.co/6iq7XRDaAS
http://t.co/AfagoE7Pil http://t.co/LqYYUWXvHR
It's amazing how many folks can walk by a famous artist's work in NYC and not notice it. Proves how zoned out some... http://t.co/JfxOlLEzcN
Love Banksy!!! http://t.co/I5QizIWJar
http://t.co/0HVfMYRuUg http://t.co/SJWZPtK5on
ASPP Supports ASMP’s Instagram Position... http://t.co/G8j9PIEZL9
The 10 Most Expensive Photographs In The World - http://t.co/KgPvmP6mj2 http://t.co/xZzs5T8DFZ
The Inspiring Workspaces Of Pablo Picasso, Ray Eames & Other Famous Creatives - http://t.co/KgPvmP6mj2 http://t.co/exuDGC62Xf
Beate Chelette shared this - http://t.co/StMU1y5H5n http://t.co/DlqZvGpTHU
A Photographic Memory http://t.co/CdKfQ5CaRM http://t.co/gj12tJU0Y3
http://t.co/IzcQWLHkF5 http://t.co/LN3sbL2WzG
Kodak's New Deal for 2 Units Clears Path to Exit From Bankruptcy... http://t.co/nFPLbfWI1W

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Helena V. is a Marketing Designer that takes Professional Photographs in NYC who will help you promote your business. She also specializes in CGI.

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