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got a crackin' headache... signing off for the evening. y'all have a good night!
Has everyone seen this great way to commemorate our historical president? http://bit.ly/m0SgN
@kizzdesigns @Eleganceforyou thanks for the welcome back, i've missed twittering!
I've been a bad twitter friend lately... I'm back now!
debating.. should i work out a little before dinner or try and be more productive in my work?? hm...
watched "girls just wanna have fun" earlier today!! it was as good today as it was 20 years ago!!
#FF! @tilemebeautiful @JacksonCJ1 @ByYourSide2009 << thanks!
I just saw from Google analytics that someone came to my #Etsy shop after searching "edible underwear" LOL and no, i dont sell underwear...
It's one of those nights- got my pjs on, gonna make myself a cuppa tea and sit down and watch my favorite show. Life is good!
@ByYourSide2009 LOL, good idea! Why's it being turned off anyway?
@ByYourSide2009 you can flush a toilet once- with water left in the tank
@DawnsMemories It was awesome, just so relaxing and fun being with the whole family! I like your new blog layout, btw!
Catching up on some forum reading...
@DawnsMemories Hey lady! How was your trip??
Fan of architecture? Check this out http://bit.ly/JWiHf
Just blogged, 'Thinking happy thoughts..' http://pickmeupboutique.blogspot.com/
@fossilrocker nothing wrong with a little honesty... I don't think I'd like living with a wife who visits boyfriends either;)
@fossilrocker LOL, racking my brain to try and think of worse places...
@fossilrocker Awww.. I think that's meant to be sweet... unless she's telling you to go to hell or something! LOL
Be a hero- send 8"x8" knit or crochet squares to be made into warm blankets for African orphans: http://www.knit-a-square.com/index.html

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I'm 25 years old with a degree in architecture. Recently returned from a stint in Sydney and starting a line of handmade jewelry.

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