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How are YOU keeping yourself healthy during SXSW?
HealthyBrogan is at SXSW! Healthy tips for going out: drink lite beer, no pizza after 9pm, and try brisk walking from venue to venue!
@ChrisBrogan: stop talking about holiday gifts. Not everyone wants The Social Community Network crown wrapped in a bow under the tree.
NOT giving out HealthyBrogan's phone number. Doing some cardio instead, to ward off holiday calories. What are YOU doing for exercise?
@Chris Brogan: the holiday season is about GIVING, not RECEIVING.
Don't forget PME-ers, work in some push-ups or jogging while you're in Ontario. Party platters and beer make YOU fat!
It's always a smart idea to work in exercise, even if you're on vacation. You can have a fun time, and come back a little thinner!
Stop worrying so much about Building Digital Relationships in a New Media World; focus instead on YOUR waistline. Go for a jog.
Is everybody looking at Brogantweets? HealthyBrogan commands you to stop. Do push-ups instead. You'll thank yourself later.
Ripped...I'm completely ripped. Why? Because when HealthyBrogan is stressed, he works out. Try some jogging when you want to cry. It helps.
HealthyBrogan just got back from a three day strength-training workshop in Finland! It was intense. How did YOU workout this past weekend?
HealthyBrogan is drinking vodka with DIET tonic. You can make healthy choices just like me. HB doesn't want you to give up vices.
@darkgracie: NOT using "I" or "me" is funnier. I sound like a proselytizing jerk, and maybe people will arrive at fitness with a smile.
@darkgracie: HealthyBrogan doesn't have to resort to acts of self-desperation. You can actually obtain protein from food, not just cock.
@world: BTW, my bulging veins are MAGNIFICIENT! Jealous?
@foulbastard:it's not only water over beer. It's the apathy of those who wonder: why am I soo fat?" while mainlining a pint of Chunky Monkey
@foulbastard: Yes. I am HealthyBrogan. I want the world to get off its dumpy ass and do some cardio. The fatties are wrecking healthcare.
@noellie: congratulations on your 3 mile run this morning! HealthyBrogan wants you to keep up the hard work, champ. Inspired?
I'm physically fit, are you? What can YOU change about yourself that will make the thought of push-ups less frightening? Why so reluctant?
HealthyBrogan challenges you to step away from the computer, and go for a jog, walk, stroll, etc. Treat yourself to fresh fruit today! MMMM!

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