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I say "If I Die..." so often to my boss that I just made an actual "If I Die" shared doc. Have fun with my to-do list, jefe!
@amyjjeffers @jk_rowling Too cute!!! There will be riots if Shane doesn't post this to Slack.
RT @debaser: Thanks to all who attended my #d4dboston talk "Design Systems, Not Pages." Here is a link to my slide desk. https://t.co/Lgj…
RT @BrickFactory: Howdy #D4DBoston: @debaser is giving at talk on website design Saturday at 11. Be there or be square. https://t.co/aBTv7a…
Cool. Thanks all! https://t.co/ys1B1BJaoQ
@zsofimajor @embobmaria @juanolalla Wondering if session on helping non-tech people work with devs is suited for BH or better in PM? Thanks!
@kattekrab Poor thing! Hope you feel better!
Online #drupal mini camp tomorrow! https://t.co/us9qnDFg38
@DrupalConEur Awesome. Thanks!!!
@DrupalConEur I'm not sure which track to submit my session to - between PM and Being Human. Know anyone who can help me out?
The Ultimate Third Party Resources List on Using Platform.sh https://t.co/3S3saskaE1
RT @BrickFactory: If you missed our webinar on #Drupal component sites with @shanerjeffers you can catch up here https://t.co/2lkzklzwVH
Hadnt heard of them before they became a client, but have probably told 30 people about them since. Good direction… https://t.co/KNE9KlxW7W
Good opportunity to grill @shanerjeffers in real time :) https://t.co/TM9w4lNYWh
Webinar: How to Build a Component-based Drupal Site with Stacks https://t.co/DSZ3YN6Svb
RT @shanerjeffers: Stacks now has a beta release! Do your clients a favor & build your #drupal8 sites with Stacks https://t.co/owBSRMUWZI
@dragonmantank @BrickFactory Thanks, CT :)
RT @heymo: Full house at the First time Sprint workshop #DrupalCon https://t.co/Ey6vRoYwiZ
@jmolivas Volunteering at panel. should be back down there in like 20-25 mins.
@RAKESH_JAMES @DrupalConNA Love it!!!

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