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Are you a giver or a taker? https://t.co/0M12JgaARp
“I swore never to use CSS in JS, here are 6 reasons why I was wrong” by @ketacode https://t.co/lTrhxVcwPH
Simpler web payments: Introducing the Payment Request API - Microsoft Edge Dev BlogMicrosoft Edge Dev Blog - https://t.co/jDTOHMe4cP
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“4 ways I’ve fucked up as a designer 😬” by @geometrieva https://t.co/gowac8Rejo
“Hype Driven Development” by @marekkirejczyk https://t.co/4UWtJfNx71
600k concurrent websocket connections on AWS using Node.js - Jayway - https://t.co/xIIlp1cxTS
“19 things I learnt reading the NodeJS docs” by @D__Gilbertson https://t.co/jn3RoVg7dQ
11 Simple npm Tricks That Will Knock Your Wombat Socks Off https://t.co/OqXT4MIgqP
Microsoft has crafted a switch OS on Debian Linux. Repeat, a switch OS on Debian Linux https://t.co/v7SvxhFVyz
New D3 v4 course by @bclinkinbeard on @egghead.io https://t.co/e67JoUfe3m
Generate Sounds Programmatically With Javascript https://t.co/lk1JUzrxzh via @marcgg
Does the JavaScript Mess Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid? You Are Not Alone... - MeteorLife https://t.co/pVlxkxmUP3
“Taking PHP Seriously” by Keith Adams https://t.co/NoShbL5Gf1
Tal Kol: Building a React Native App for 80 Million Users — ReactNext 2016 https://t.co/eRXoZUmbet
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Paul O Shannessy - Building React From Scratch https://t.co/hEr6btjAUK
RT @iamdevloper: 1. have an exciting app idea 2. create project folder 3. include WebPack … 47. lose all passion for project and give up…
Airbnb, My $1 Billion Lesson - by Paige Craig https://t.co/GhpyqxuiKE

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Hi I m Hamid Raza, professionally i am a web designer and developer. to know more about me come into my Website. (hamidraza.com)

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