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Bipolar Disorder – What You Need to Know http://t.co/OzTGrseEEz
Thanks @ChuckKCMH! We're glad you found it useful and an interesting read!
RT @ChuckKCMH: @HarleyTherapy Thanks for the great article with research backing up the effects of facebook use.
@ChuckKCMH We do indeed! A bit of moderation can be good
The Negative Effects of Facebook ARE Real - Find out what they are: http://t.co/2FXJrjTrwR
5 reasons we should love our enemies (and why we should want to) http://t.co/8bX9nUkjAH
Heathrow Airport recreates identical departure day for severely autistic traveller http://t.co/S8O8TNzgxu
@h_meryl Sounds great! Make lots of time for yourself to relax and unwind!
Good morning - how is your morning so far? What are you planning for today?
RT @NoelMcDermott: Here's a thought "Stop the Drama: 3 Reasons Facebook Is Ruining Your Life" | World of Psychology http://t.co/gggPg7fwTf
Hating Google Glass? Blame psychology. http://t.co/IdFsXVXH2w
RT @sarahrudston: New blog post from @HarleyTherapy - The facts on #Bipolar disorder http://t.co/l7Jm18gryf #mentalhealth
What is the future of Mental Health care from Dr. Lloyd Sederer http://t.co/xrnvftW5Oa
RT @ShelleyBonanno: A TED playlist to watch: Our brains: predictably irrational https://t.co/pyJs936ypk
Many of us spend a great deal of time at work where various stresses can take a toll on our mood and well-being. http://t.co/70HPeCbWgu
“Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from” - Jodie Foster
How putting bad memories in context can help you to deal with negative emotions. http://t.co/GOulaQilng
RT @PsychCentral: Shame, Guilt, and Pity — World’s Worst Motivators? http://t.co/0bfHy9fTGh #mhsm #mentalhealth
RT @RescuedinTime: Happy Earth Day!! http://t.co/4kK1Gp8QS8
@Athrennaakira No problem - do check out our blog, quite a few posts on social media!

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