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My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/27/2014: 3,578 steps and 1.4 miles traveled.
My fitbit #Fitstats for 7/24/2014: 5,687 steps and 2.3 miles traveled.
Pet's love to walk, so its likely that you will walk farther w/ your pet than you would if you went out walking alone
@LatinFLL precious 💗
@denisereed1st awwww so cute ❤️
@toriiranae mine does too!
Check out Yaya wearing her new Burberryish Plaid Pet id Tag from our shop on @Square Market:
The unconditional love offered by pets is known to have mental health benefits for owners includ incrsed self-esteem
So Cat like!! cat Tries To Kill Dog: via @YouTube
@nappymane thanks for the follow, I like your description. I feel the same way about my curly hair, it's taken me awhile to love it.
Enjoyed my nightly walk & a beautiful sunset with my dog and my sweetie 💗 #sunset #california…
Sometimes I feel like Lucy from "I Love Lucy" trying to make vegan dishes ..making mistakes and trying to fix them with another mistake. 😖
Dogs & cats improve our lives, lower blood pressure, stress, and increase our life expectancy. #dogs #cats
@VicPetrolo such a pampered pooch ❤️
@misshawksaddict sooo precious 💗
@meaganvdmortel @BeLikeDerek sooo cute!!!
This pup in in heaven <3 soooo cute!!!
So cute “@ZeynepTijen: “@mckee_sharon: #FurFreeFriday #furfreeeverday #FurFree #NoFur””
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Gabby wearing our Black and White Pet Id Tag on @Square Market:

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