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3 years ago today #tbt Neo falling asleep with his ball in his mouth, ❤️ him!
@HonorUSA1211 nice to meet you too!
@KATHRYN24FAN @Meeshbeer I think she messed up the dish with the salt thought it was sugar and tried to play it off!
@RKeithWilkinson agree!!!
@melsays me too!
@melsays I agree!!
RT @souliya: to really drive the stripper narrative home, #masterchef could have had dollar bills descend from the rafters instead of confe…
OMG !!! Mean girl stripper wins master chef !! I never want to watch this show again. Elizabeth was robbed she clearly is the real deal.
@HonorUSA1211 yeah the puppy has a home I just asked.
@HonorUSA1211 not sure I can ask?
@AIakopo right???!!! I hope they renew for a 3rd season!
RT @shellb26: @happy_tags @hearthounds a charity based organisation looking at closure,they help the homeless and their dogs can you retwe…
@AIakopo hell no!! The guy she's engaged too is amazing! #selfsabotage ?
@Mistresses_ABC 1/4 way into ep. 12 - A Dr. thinking she could get HIV from protected sex the chances are exactly zero!! So ignorant!
@AbbeyGraphics it's adorable. That and he runs in his sleep and his ears twitch.
@AbbeyGraphics That must be it maybe he dreams he's getting milk from his mom or something.
So true "@Fact: Never lie to someone who trusts you, and never trust someone who lies to you."
I swear my dog dreams he's eating and drinking because he makes these sucking noises sometimes when he's sleeping. Does your dog do this?
My sisters neighbor in Roseville is looking for a forever home for this adorable little white lab puppy. Anyone?
The dog that single handedly turned my Sunday upside down meet "Homeless Hurley" -- he is not so…

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