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@alphabetsuccess I love it!
@GeorgiArtLover I love it!
Module #3 released today yay!!! To my surprise one of my favorite locals, writers and inspiration…
@FrancisDeacon yay!! Yes!
RT @Drc_19:
@Drc_19 @FrancisDeacon so cute 💕
@FAOKnowledge @FrancisDeacon my uncle does this I wish I could have a set up like this 💕
@FrancisDeacon thanks for the retweet 💕
@jennyzisnice @mikeVcella that's the list we need to give to Trump! #he wantedalist
@mikeVcella right? She makes me feel bad for having boobs!!
@mikeVcella this is a good offer sign me up!!
I had a dream I told @Kris_Carr I disliked vega protein shakes because they were too sweet and she was very disappointed in me. #nightmare
When do pro-choice people ever kill pro-lifers ? Just thinking out load!
RT @bryngreenwood: I worked at a #PlannedParenthood clinic in Kansas for 3 years. My coworkers & I were subjected to the following acts of …
@bryngreenwood I'm so sorry the doctor that delivered me was also shot by a pro-lifer.
Cook Experiment assignment complete ✅ broccolini & garlic very simple and easy to make I sliced the…
@zpravycz any ice cream that isn't made from an animal product, so now cows milk. Almond, coconut, cashew, & soy are examples.
@romanflute @stephenkruiser a fluffy little cloud and a happy little tree want you, to paint them 😊
RT @DTNEtiquette: I have never regretted any single act of kindness whether noticed or reciprocated - that was not my objective ~ #DTN http…
@DTNEtiquette agreed!!

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I make handmade pet id tags & have my own online shop as well as Etsy & Artfire.
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