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@dianacfriese sorry that was dramatic but I never knew she was drinking or 19.... I thought it said she was 22. 19 is way too young.
@dianacfriese I have young nephews and I can't even imagine them drinking EVER not even when they are 19! Not happening till they are 40.
@dianacfriese that is not cool if a person watching calls in whoever is there can get arrested for contributing to a minor.
@RiRi4BB gross!!!!
@DJCigarguy vote :(
@Pattygarrity me too! You are not alone.
@dianacfriese I think she will, people don't change quickly.
@sarahstews I know right, he's very interesting.
@melgotserved she wants to be consistent.
@sarahstews it would be so awesome!!
@JennaMichaels5 I just love it!!!
Ernesto needs a drink #Utopia #UtopiaLive
Depressed reds gone utopia will never be the same. He did kill Bambi even sadder.... #Utopia #UtopiaLive
@JennaMichaels5 I know right!!!
Plot twist-- Tomorrow morning the ranch is raided Bri is arrested for murder threats and animal abuse! #UtopiaLive #Utopia
@JennaMichaels5 me too !! I want to send her glitter!
If this was a REAL Utopia they would do what they wanted to do, rebel against "the man" (fox) and refuse to have an elimination!! #Utopia
@NotReality laughing at the nickname!!
@NotReality hahaha omg!!
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! #Utopia #UtopiaLive noooooooooo no no no no no no no nooooo

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