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thank you @Bourdain! watching old episodes in my dvr & just watched the tbilisi, georgia. never been interested in e. europe; now charmed.
went to @burgerking’s drive-through and even though i said, hi, the server didn’t utter a single word throughout the entire transaction!
i've used @braun shavers for years & love them, but why are replacement heads so insanely expensive and difficult to find?
stephen colbert hilariously tears donald trump's recent statements apart through fake interview. must watch tv:
i had to mail a letter so went to the post office (@usps) and the staff person used one of her own stamps and wished me a good day! wow!
RT @BroderickGreer: 18 years of the Religious Right summed up in one graphic
the best hot dog in the world!
earlier on @meetthepress: @kellyannepolls said “i’m incredibly gracious, humble person.” her own words betray her.
RT @Nomnso_94: #AllLivesMatter is like someone tweeting "Pray for Nice" and I say "what about all the other cities in the world? They've su…
RT @djsoap92: #AllLivesMatter is like I go to the Dr for a broken arm and he says "All Bones Matter" ok but right now let's take care of th…
@60Minutes requiring "all access" pass to watch a piece online diminishes my enjoyment & desire to watch at all. i dvr'd but nfl went long.
colorado oasis for the soul
RT @NBCNightlyNews: Trump: If Clinton picks judges, "nothing you can do, folks -- although the 2nd Amendment people, maybe there is." https…
i am an independent but love this: “i believe everytime we knock down a barrier in america it liberates everyone in america!” #hilaryclinton
baseball history: cubs are first team to have six home runs (the most ever) in a postseason game! #gocubs
nice when you can just watch the other guys takr esch other out! #gocubs
@meems808 aloha megan, i think we were just on ustream watching moani's wedding. my ʻohana & i live here too so let's connect if you want.
fish tacos!!! (@ El Taco Nazo) on #Yelp
best mac & cheese selection i've ever seen (or tasted)! (@ Le Bistro Montage) on #Yelp
with dear old & new native ministry friends sharing great food & memories. (@ Le Bistro Montage) on #Yelp

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