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@DMcIntyreCTV congrats Daryl!
RT @AlbertaatNoon: .@NDPStephanie will join us shortly. Do you think we'd be better served by our gov't if more women had a voice at the ta…
RT @Mookalicious: Calgary Friends.... URGENT NEED. Veterans Food Bank shelves are empty. There is a HUGE need right now. Donate food or $$…
@JaidenEverett @CRTCeng welcome to Canadian laws they suck
There should be no such thing as “too much Internet.” In your own words, tell @CRTCeng to #EndDataCaps https://t.co/KAMZNksLKW
how many Optimum points ??? https://t.co/1aZYG19PYi
@reidontravel me too that way I don't grieve over lost or stained
@PeopleOfCanada how about the fabulous and witty @jannarden
RT @Indie88Toronto: Lil Gord is the cutest costume this Halloween bar none. 📷: @DarrylKoolFM -@Radio_Brent https://t.co/uzIsrOO36Y
@reidontravel they must assume you're wearing $90 #kanye apparel.
If you had your way we'll all be in the dark in twenty years https://t.co/lWc8NFm8oY
RT @chaptersindigo: Director, actor & writer #MikeMyers shares his 53-year relationship with his beloved Canada. #WhatToReadNext #Books htt…
@jannarden only when his ex wife didn't understand the meaning of "it's over". Hmmm I smell an idea for a song...
RT @pwgavin: NYT prints a list of everything "Donald Trump has insulted on twitter since declaring his candidacy." It's a two page spread.…
RT @HotComesToDie: h/t Nancy Kronk https://t.co/VLOLffsYxX
@RidingShotgunLA adorbz
SIGH from up here in Edmonton. https://t.co/ybKe7MjCOe
@Mr_St_JOHN eating vicariously with @jayrayner1 and @Bourdain. Exquisite
@KathyBuckworth the payoff was seeing delight of the grandparents and muchly deserved time to myself at Chichen It a.
@KathyBuckworth although I did survive a solo journey to Cancun with a 3.5 and an almost 2 (to save one seat purchase) to visit grandparents

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