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RT @JuddLegum: Dear @realDonaldTrump Will you impose a 35% tariff on the Ivanka Trump Collection? She's manufacturing clothes abroad, im…
@tanis_eh woo hoo and hope you get the bathroom done soon!
@Sunnyjoe2 it's a beauty but it probably is using a million dollars worth of power every month
Great time had by all for the second annual #yegpatio gang Christmas drinks Cheers @super_su @walshcooks @keiperr and Michael
@SnarkySteff Cheers from the lovely @FairmontMAC! #thatissomegoodqualityH2O https://t.co/bw5xuxi1Z6
So who are the talent bookers in Edmonton for great comedy? Would love to see @fortunefunny sometime soon!
@SnarkySteff very rejuvenating I'm sure!
@SnarkySteff I still pine for the glacial water from #Revelstoke #bcsupernatural
RT @edmontonjournal: Amber Alert: Manitoba girl, 8, believed taken by mother in stolen truck https://t.co/mO27ScEMS0 https://t.co/iIJOndzdgc
Not to worry dear @super_su the mocktail list at @FairmontMAC looks pretty stellar #yegfood #yegpatio https://t.co/GHZ9Fxydlg
Can't wait to commence the second annual #yegpatio gang Christmas drinks at @FairmontMAC @super_su @walshcooks @keiperr #yeg
@AdamRichman @CurtisStone i don't know whether to gaze at you fine fellas or those beautiful prosciutto
@fortunefunny Perhaps you can come a little further into Canada and make the fine people in Alberta laugh as well
@JaidenEverett did you order a boomerang? ;)
@FuzzyWuzzyTO grand theft kitten vs certain death from neglect
@alokjha @edyong209 Perhaps Buzz Aldrin came back to USA before TrUmp climate policies caused Antarctica to sink.
@JulieSLalonde will you be speaking anywhere else like Edmonton or Calgary?
@JulieSLalonde @FuzzyWuzzyTO and if you are really special they give YOU a white hat too!
RT @BoingBoing: Homophobe-in-chief Mike Pence rented a house in DC, so his new neighbors are flying rainbow flags https://t.co/djjznh3Pdt h…
RT @lesleyabravanel: Fa la la la la https://t.co/xeixs3mdFm

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run a music studio and create new recipes that always contain the word bitchin'