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@graiz Thanks Greg - Might not be right now, but appreciate your interest and will definitely sync up when it is.
My interview with CBC Spark Radio: Is tech "addiction" a thing, really? https://t.co/RLQaxwBLgN @onwardHQ #techaddiction
This is Mexicali Taco's poutine equivalent: crisp fries, crema, cotija cheese, guacamole and two… https://t.co/lemN7uStZZ
Looking for a great UI/UX person to join us at onward in LA. Any leads appreciated!
@united THREE agents at EWR today completely unaware of how SDC rules are meant to be applied to awards. When are you guys nor messed up?
Does guilt work? #techaddiction #onward @ Berlins https://t.co/HVyVuQBI9O
Recently I took the Acela. Note to self: Wipe down all eating surfaces prior to use. https://t.co/LWkNeP5I9B
File under surprising: @united's brilliant management team has the head of PR reporting to HR. No wonder Oscar won a communication award. 🙄
When invited to an Easter basket yankee exchange, I *obviously* brought the Passover basket. https://t.co/u9Yn5iUAIH
Hey @united - I analyzed and distilled the situation surrounding flight 3411 into simple bullets: https://t.co/NyCCerpTEA
I just published “Understanding United 3411” https://t.co/NX94eRHTsq
Was on 60 Minutes this past weekend talking about my anti-tech overuse startup https://t.co/0l4yIV2lMY - check it o… https://t.co/3Tl8NsxLfQ
@alicekeeler @united Good idea!
@poli_nerd @united I just cannot believe they doubled down. That's the kind of idiocy you cannot excuse.
@xeryc En este momento Onward no es disponible en la RD, pero si tienes acceso al App Store del EEUU o Canada, puedes probar!
Impossible to defend @united anymore despite 20 years of being a 1K. Total destruction of the company's core values complete. Shut 'er down.
@xeryc Cool! Donde eres?
Tonight at 1am, @united made us walk outside in the snow from our late plane, past 20+ empty gates. This airline is literally garbage.
@GeriLynn @amybphd And much academic research in the space has been seriously lacking in terms of population size, analysis and empiricism.
@GeriLynn @amybphd No, but we will be making Onward's anonymized data available for researchers. The goal is to bri… https://t.co/0lW6okI2bM

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