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iPhone and "smart" watch both jumped forward correctly, can go to sleep now
Why airplane bathrooms still have ashtrays (even new planes)
9 great celebrity impressions killing it!
True, true #UXSalon2017
Most people hate their jobs (only 11% are happy). 90% of the crowd here though like their jobs #UXSalon2017
Holy shit, McDonald’s actually tweeted this!
RT @phranqueigh: Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math.
If you somehow haven't seen Breaking Bad yet, now's your chance, somebody cut the entire series into a 2 hour movie
RT @niron: BREAKING: Intel acquires Mobileye. WOW WOW WOW
Showbox launches new UGC video tool so brands can turn followers into influencers!
The support from @1Password is pretty great. They are responsive and helpful.
Congrats @danielbru!
INTV (@ Jerusalem International YMCA - @jerusalemymca in Jerusalem)
Metallica and Lady Gaga released the Grammys rehearsal footage of Moth Into Flame (since the live show had problems)
Casey Neistat reveals his plans at CNN. He's building a video based news company
Custom made Back To The Future hoverboard snowboard #ineedthis
Nintendo Switch cartridges taste disgusting but that's not stopping anybody
The great extent the animators of Who Framed Roger Rabbit went to in order to create an awesome movie (and in 1988)

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