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Thanks for letting @grocio take part in your buying decisions these past SEVEN years. Was a good run that has run its course. ciao4now
Just launched Local Grocery Circulars for 333 cities. Better than newsprint: PDF, mobile/eco friendly & always current
**$1.85 OFF 3** Nestlé Coffee-Mate Liquid Flavored Or Original Creamers. ✂✂✂✂ Grocio pegs it 4 of 5 scissors.
✂-- Grocio coupon offer -- Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookie Dough **$1 OFF 2**
Ever wonder if YOU could extreme coupon your way through Whole Foods? @dannyjseo can & here's how:
@CoachJennLee @rosiebattista @cindywmorrison @shannonwilburn @cardcubby @thepartygoddess Us "gals" enjoyed every minute ;)
The meaning for our overlong hiatus... But, what does it mean? Stay tuned. ;)
Home remedy for chapped lips: Mule manure! (no more licking lips) OR you could enjoy $1 off Neosporin Lip Health
@retailigence @aislefinder On the cusp of issuing our APIs for local grocery circulars. Interested in helping refine our 1.0 spec?
RT @Saxum_US: Spread the word! We are accepting applications for a Web developer - #career #webdeveloper
@retailigence Interesting. Give a call please. 918-813-9745 @Grocio's new mobile app. Your store circulars via Android Blackberry iOS Even Austin & #SXSW @Grocio's new mobile app. Your store circulars via Android Blackberry iOS Even Austin & #SXSW
@Grocio's mobile app for "Store Circulars" is very nearly done (55 cities)
@JJBowles All web enabled platforms are "next" on the drawing board for the Store Circulars "app". Does that help?
Want to see @Grocio's NEXT 32 cities?
Thanks to everyones feedback @Grocio's Store Circulars iPad app's improved at new price - $1.99! 23 cities. 100 chains. is what we have in mind as Grocio's SXSW giveaway. The feel of this tote... Superb! But, would YOU use it?
Precinct update: 54.5% Reusable 27.3% Plastic & 18.2% Paper. 30% tote 2-5 reusables & 20% tote more still! Interestinger & interestinger.
Early precinct reporting says 50% plastic v. 50% reuseable. What say YO?

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