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RT @FineFoodAwards: All coming together for tonight's #FineFoodAwards trophy announcements! http://t.co/1q1dJy090O
RT @FineFoodAwards: Entree #forgecreek eggs @GreenvaleFarm by casalingo prosciutto @greentemple garlic @longlanecapers and @Alto_Olives htt…
RT @RAS_Vic: Cracker of a menu at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards dinner @FineFoodAwards http://t.co/Av6ZYigJHa
@BorkincKelly omg... when you figure it out let me know!
too hot in Wodonga and market packed up early. 4 birds dead in heat. now veggies crispy.
Fresh garlic now available http://t.co/c7b8EH22. New Persian and Mediterranean style pickled READY!
FREE POSTAGE 9-18 NOV : SPECIAL WITH FARMHOUSE DIRECT WEBSITE!! check out the Promo http://t.co/6WmkNRX8
@tinytieknee just saying after a long time...
New season garlic harvest begins!!!! Cured garlic ready for sale December 2012. See http://t.co/c7b8EH22
Our garlic is singing in rain and enjoying sun!!! also fattening up with Spring. Harvesting in 8 weeks!
@VicFarmrsMarkts love getting newsletter. good luck at the Show.
grrr to @ato_gov_au from another Mac user. where's all the share ware and non corrupt systems... defiantly NOT windows....
I so hear you.... but you can out buy crap windows and get refund! that why i go Mac to get good stuff not shit
RT @albytweets: Grrrrr @ato_gov_au can't do e-tax on a Mac!! Long-hand form is mega-annoying & takes so much longer #FFS #getwiththe ...
@albytweets nice bit of pink showing there!
@Daisy3gt67 i am so disappointed. only been with T for 5 mins and you are spam.....
@greentemple apparently i can just chat with myself!! finally someone intelligent
@greentemple can i reply to my own tweet?
thought i would have a go at the tweets and see if i can use up all the space, you know just because i can... it goes on and on now nearly..

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