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RT @BishopSansaric: Lord, I pray that Your love would be so concentrated in my heart that I might love others as You love me. In Jesus' nam…
RT @BishopSansaric: Progress & prosperity will be ur travelling companions this week. U shall overcome every obstacle & end this week bett…
RT @Goeun_bot: 내생(來生)이란 지금 당장이다 내 자전거이다
RT @PrayerForPriest: Saint Joseph, bless and protect all of our priests. Defend and shield them against every danger.…
RT @Pontifex: He died, He was buried, He rose and He appeared. Jesus is alive! This is the heart of the Christian message.
RT @Goeun_bot: 상형문자로 돌아가고 싶다/ 나의 문명/ 이대로는 안되겠다/ 왜 세상은 날이 날마다 1,2,3,4따위 값을 먹이는가/ 자고 나면/ 왜 값이 올라가는가/ 왜 세상은/ 너도 나도/ 얼마짜리인가/ 왜 얼마짜리로/여기저기 팔려가는가…
개미가 올 한해 먹을 양식을 비축하기 위해 활동을 시작한걸 보니 오늘부터 더울듯.^^
RT @MicahLooi2: >> Adorable Kid Fails That Prove You Definitely Can't Leave Them Alone

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