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Crows count and work out solutions to simple problems , and love shiny objects.
@Avalon_Apples Let's help to end animal abuse and animal cruelty.
It rains every Thursday, I rode anyway. Saw crows chasing a big ugly Turkey Buzzard.
For anyone that hasn't seen it Christian The Lion Reunited
Looks like TAPS has some episodes on I haven't seen yet, got to watch. Um a squirrel or skunk
Frost tonight, BRRR!
The American Crow is secretive around its nest. While noise is a mainstay of its behavior in other areas, the nesting site is quiet.
Adult American crows are completely black while young crows have blue eyes and pink inside their mouths.
The little one looks up to the mother as if it needs her guidance
These deer have been living in the cemetery for about 2 years,there's another one,he's not shown
Not in the 30's at night, time to put in the tomatoes
I just found one site that says there are no crows in southern South America, now that is a little more believable.
@crows I have a hard time believing there are not any crows in S America too, but that's what several crow information sites have stated.
The crow is the common name for a group of about 27 passerine birds. Crows can be found worldwide, except for Antarctica or South America.
72 today, Woot! Fantastic ride.Got to go watch TAPS...
@catster Very touching story.
In the sepulchre there by the sea, In her tomb by the sounding sea. Poe-from 'Annabel Lee 1849 14 million to help save rare crow
Crows congregate in large numbers in winter to sleep in communal roosts. These roosts can be of a few hundred up to two million crows.

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