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@DavidSmethie Thanks for the fav. Want to get in touch with you. Tried your contact form, but I don't think it worked.
Hiring Internet marketing professionals. Please get in touch and show your savvy.
@2sticksdigital Thanks for the mention!
@toastmastersnz Happy to see you make the switch. We are here for any questions you may have.
@sociallocalpro Thanks Mary!
@paulhinesvault Thanks for sharing Paul!
@brianmtaylor Cheers Brian, glad you are enjoying GoStats!
@analyticsdennis Hat tip to you Dennis! :) There's more to GoStats than you might expect.
@MadeLoud @georgiestar Ouch Howard, *teardrop* - There are multiple levels of GoStats - one provides what google does + data privacy.
@ruhigerherr Doing a shuffle-sort before the combiner can optimize a lot of parallel problems in hadoop. (Hope that helps!)
@sunnylam Yes, see you next time.
@ruhigerherr Would Hive help you?
Really sad, goodbye to Allen. RIP @allenstern
@gostats If #sopa is preventing you from wikipedia research today, just paste the contents of into your address bar.
If you really need wikipedia today, paste the following into your address bar (when on wikipedia)
RT @NikolasSchiller: the last 1,000 visitors to my website plotted on a world map: #digitaldivid ...
@antoniahouson please send in a support request, we can help you.
@iwearyourshirt It can be helpful to put a parameter on the destination URL of your bitly link, such as
@LAURENMCBRIDE What issue are you facing? I would like to help.
microdata in HTML 5 = interesting, useful, fun!

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Entrepreneur; Founder of Waterloo based web analytics firm GoStats. I enjoy connecting with new people. Please send me an @reply anytime.

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