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RT @rideloup: @rideloup CEO Abtin Rostamian presenting on stage 2 of PITCH #WebSummit2014 #pitchvote #loupthereitis
Steve Chen, serial entrepreneur, founder of goplanit, 5a5, and screendate and now angel investor speaks to Jason...
Thanks for the great review from App Appeal!
Huffington Post talks about some great ways that mobile & non-profits are mixing. Playing Pet Earth on your...
Wonder if we can get a ticket to Disrupt? #TCDisrupt
Great coverage of @goplanit by the BBC!
Danke! Thx for the great article in German about goplanit & other travel planning tools.
Onbaystreet included us as part of their "sweet stuff."
RT @501places: Searching for that authentic travel experience #tt
@stickyclicky @travelsweeps I wouldn't call it "coupons" but yes, we want to help travelers save money with "deals" or other offerings
@ethan_anderson @ericrrod Thanks to you both for the kind words!
Thx! We think so. :-) @evelinaander @pellesv Smart. GoPlanit - travel focused deals. #travel #deals
Nice article from Travelpulse about GoPlanit Deals. Use it to save some money during your next vacation.
@dhana Thanks! We definitely think there's an opportunity here. Hope we can help you and others save some money when traveling. #deals
Thx @samgrossberg We think you're cool too!
Thx for the nice write up @travelpulse! #travel #deals #traveldeals
For folks who read Chinese, here's an article about our new GoPlanit deals!
RT @TechCrunch: Two Years Later, GoPlanit Is Reborn With Travel-Focused Deals by @jasonkincaid
A re-focused! Come check out goplanit deals and let us know what you think!
Goplanit listed as #4 on the top travel search engines out there. Have you checked our re-design lately? Let us...

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GoPlanit is a social travel planning tool for exploring destinations and planning group trips. Save time and $ on your next getaway by using goplanit.

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