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Can you solve our #ImitationGame puzzle? http://t.co/glsOellFOQ http://t.co/jvdZ7qGhbU
Lessons from search this week: 1. Apples have opposites 2. Barbie isn't a size 0 3. Podcasts: still cool Read more http://t.co/p2LETElNcC
The story of computer science hero #AlanTuring is coming to the big screen http://t.co/TjuPKciIeT #ImitationGame imitation-game:~$ checkout
"The odds are irrelevant" - Watch ATAP's Regina Dugan talk at @PopTech about her most important battle http://t.co/SCHun8v8Ac
No dice? No problem. #OkGoogle http://t.co/YMQjpQNzVV
1960s-70s artist Corita Kent’s words of peace, love and understanding still ring true today. Happy birthday to Kent! http://t.co/lavDCLsFxv
7 tips to help plan your Thanksgiving road trip, with help from @GoogleMap trends data http://t.co/gMkEOXDcsA http://t.co/9P1wKJZha0
RT @googleglass: You’ll never believe how this blind dancer is using Google Glass. http://t.co/ieox8ZEVUb
New in the Google app: A little help for your romance game. #OkGoogle http://t.co/Eyg4E27WNw http://t.co/cdpFidKgIU
The oral history of the 💩 (or, how Google brought 💩 to America) via @FastCompany http://t.co/pqPXZhISQV
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving really is the worst day to travel, according to @GoogleMaps http://t.co/dG70TWyutS http://t.co/Dt92NtXMwr
RT @googledrive: Today @ 2PM EST watch @MikeCurato, @EdanL, & @topefolarin write a story, in one hour, live, in Docs at http://t.co/8Lsib8g…
Heads or tails? #taptheapp http://t.co/LwozVrFtCF
This week’s search trends: proof that one does not just #breaktheinternet http://t.co/zov7oCtSW4 http://t.co/c92z4EK91g #allthememes
Know that video everyone is talking about? Oh. You don’t? See what’s trending on @YouTube at http://t.co/CHf09Wm65r http://t.co/DwsqFvn4yg
From the snow to deep down below, explore Australia’s big, beautiful backyard on #StreetView http://t.co/oGhG37VtYS http://t.co/czWYJgWpJJ
Orphaned baby otter learning to swim, hosting Google Hangouts, reports @washingtonpost http://t.co/psdZJvfHqV http://t.co/7CoSFUK6jv
RT @FortuneMagazine: WATCH: Why @Google's Larry Page is Fortune's Businessperson of the Year http://t.co/01vJZRMN9u
Let Google help find what you’re searching for—even if it’s in another app #taptheapp http://t.co/sIE4GnQbTX http://t.co/ef0t44EPmh
RT @brides: 4 ways you can use @google's new voice feature in the app for wedding planning: http://t.co/7gAiB4lAKT http://t.co/7wUgZvHl1q

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