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September is National Preparedness Month. Here are 12 ways the web can help during a storm: http://t.co/62q99onwnB http://t.co/sR2qhnxGPP
Good read from @cnet on what’s next for @Android Wear → http://t.co/rNzK7wmrdP
RT @GoogleforWork: Introducing Google for Work. A new name for a new way of working: http://t.co/S4BeMBNywo #googleforwork http://t.co/cyNu…
Meet the Google Science Fair finalists + pick a fave to win the Voter’s Choice Award #GSF2014 http://t.co/s06Hye0bBS http://t.co/pEyApWt4ZD
Summer on the beaches of #StreetView lasts forever → http://t.co/nWPb19mZi8 http://t.co/AbhMHcfnwp
Two little girls ruled the search world this week. And one is not a cat. See more trends: http://t.co/xMbEz4Tqum http://t.co/1AN70SuHnu
Ever wonder how your favorite summer party accessories work? Just ask the Google app. http://t.co/YwtRX6FCdw
Introducing Project Wing from Google[x], a new approach to delivery using self-flying vehicles http://t.co/ML67xJeHgD
Students + Teachers + Digital = 21st century Classrooms: http://t.co/qrSkgDzSuC
First week back to school and you’ve already got homework? Ask Google for help. #Googletips http://t.co/5lcyMVh112 http://t.co/YW5jFdnpje
@EmilyOceretko HBD!
@DaanvMonsjou yum. you saved some for us, right?
@aislinnvictoria preach it!
“This is the most beautiful sight a man has ever seen in his entire life...Google Fiber baby!” http://t.co/NM6C9uGaqR cc @googlefiber
Thanks @sundarpichai for helping announce Campus Seoul! Aim is to help Korean startups grow: http://t.co/u9dYGafKKr http://t.co/4hBsEnutho
It’s #NationalDogDay. Meet some of the pups who hang out at the Googleplex on the reg http://t.co/MzYLVtbQZ3 http://t.co/Mic8G76rDJ
@minhosubjecta7 try typing "US Open" in your search box.
@rogertaughtme Sorry, we can't help you. We're too busy prepping for our draft.
RT @gmail: Starting today it's easier to see which of your chat buddies are online in Hangouts in Gmail: http://t.co/OI3SnAwnH8 http://t.co…
@AmericaJohnLine Don't remind us. We tried to hire Homer away from the power plant, but turns out we don't stock Duff in our cafes.

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