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Congrats @MarsCuriosity on reaching Mount Sharp! Met any nice locals yet? #OkGoogle http://t.co/RwjORdMs2K
Know about these #NexusSecrets? -WiFi tethering -Android Beam -Gesture typing -Tap+pay More → http://t.co/6OSJlc9VyD http://t.co/wtIdellYTR
Now you see me, now you don’t. Discover Malaysia's ever-changing street art & more #StreetView http://t.co/oh9aWYRD09 http://t.co/zE7GwtmoJ0
Here’s to Kaldi and his curious, caffeinated goats. #NationalCoffeeDay #OkGoogle http://t.co/sQVrisPixa
Adobe Photoshop for Chromebooks. It’s happening. http://t.co/lXw97gNkqU http://t.co/mC9zCBUsLO
We #flashfunded teachers’ @DonorsChoose projects in 11 cities. That’s $3.5 mil. in classroom supplies for 288k kids! http://t.co/KkhrT9F3vZ
What is both big and small and celebrating a sweet sixteen? We are! Happy birthday to us! http://t.co/39vynsYtXB
Today our cake has 16 candles (+1 to grow on). #OkGoogle http://t.co/xnDLg1B86X
Maybe it's because “promotional clip for a soon-to-be-released film” is just way too long. #OkGoogle http://t.co/db9txpNJa3
RT @aplusk: So excited @Google #flashfunded teachers in 11 cities: http://t.co/2S6nuVkl0O You too can make a teacher's day @donorschoose RT…
Are you *really good* at Google? Top Contributors share skills + smarts with others—join them! http://t.co/vl5H6WlHhW http://t.co/WIpN2yHKZN
Which show premiering this week is leading search trends in your state? Find out via @usatoday http://t.co/KYwBjVI9ee http://t.co/UKfBtetaTO
Google Trends don’t lie—looks like the only thing anyone did today was get ready for #Scandal http://t.co/UfiNiBLWlZ http://t.co/Fvggnf320f
@pbriggeman you got it, Sasquatch.
Mr. Yeti? Can we call you Bigfoot? Or do you prefer Sasquatch? #OkGoogle #NationalComicBookDay http://t.co/exNGuJLTrZ
RT @GoogleSMB: Small business owners: one week left to apply for a @Chase #MissionMainSt Grant! Help your business grow & learn more http:/…
By definition, it’s hard to see our unconscious biases. Here’s what we’re doing to change that http://t.co/XC4BQqh5a3 http://t.co/a0i4YziwtZ
Alex, we’ll take “What Google Is Doing” for $1,000. West Coast: tune in to @Jeopardy tonight for a special cameo! http://t.co/oVh36dvZDT
Geez. It's annoying enough when your foot falls asleep. Imagine if it snored! #OkGoogle http://t.co/yJeRtp9V7N
Flight deals without the drama: Get an alert when prices drop on a flight you’ve been eyeing http://t.co/8NAOPGdlTS http://t.co/IIwOE5a98K

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