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And the winner is...? [Video]
Our Ping Putter Winner [watch video]
Congrats @McIlroyRory you are on a roll man! If I was a betting man, you've got the PGA as well. But, anything can happen.
RT @GavinPrestonMD: I have treated 40,000 patients, and I have seen medicine change from a compassion-based profession into a corporate-gre…
RT @jschil: Looks like @PGATOUR @GOLFonCBS will stay on CBS at 7pm ET and not go to @GolfChannel #PGATOUR #golf #cbs
RT @NFLprguy: After tonight, the next Thursday without an NFL game will be Christmas
@Nike ought to dump the Tiger clothing line and launch a new @McIlroyRory line at a reasonable price point. It would do very well. #golf
@WarriorPoetUS Great podcast with @britton Fitness has been my life since the age of 10. Will check out your site and products.
@rickyleepotts I have not been a Tiger fan for along time, and the drama continues with him. He is no longer a threat to the other players.
@rickyleepotts what about Wednesday around 11?
@rickyleepotts how about Tuesday 10:30?
RT @ArnettRick: Teebox with Art Sellinger as co-host today at Classic BMW Cars & Coffee 8-10 in Plano. Great weather. Good day to stop by.
RT @dougferguson405: Bubba has at least five drives of 370 yards or more this week. Including the 424-yard drive on the 16th. #madebogey
@rickyleepotts Lets grab a Keirland Starbucks sometime.
RT @RyanBallengee: Have you ever seen a pro warming up on his knees? Padraig Harrington did in Reno. Via @McLeanGolf
RT @Tap_In_Golf: You're the worst. RT @ReillyRick: Dustin Johnson out of the Ryder Cup? Too bad. He was really good at giving his partner t…
RT @golfcentraldoc: Video: Tiger Woods tells cameraman to give him some fucking space. Plenty of space on fairway if he could hit it. http:…
RT @Cannonball63: Yesterday was a beautiful sky day. #FairmontAndrewsBay at sunset from the clubhouse @gettysport
RT @ruthlessgolf: Ruthless Golf blog: Sorting Out the DJ Rumors
RT @golfstinks: Is now the time to get the best #golf deals?

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