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Fitness motivation! 👍👊💪
@admireUK how long does it take to ship to US?
RT @admireUK: Look good, feel good, perform better.
@admireUK do you ship to US?
Free Shipping - Stretching DVD - Next 48 Hours
@Bodybuildingcom I am blown away how fast you ship your products! Very impressive.
@ryanjterry Your website is down. Either looks like your domain name expired, or your hosting did.
@RobRiches Where are you located in LA?
Excuses Don't Burn Calories
Longer Drives In Your Home?
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@KaiGreene your youtube series "Train With Kai" is mesmerizing. You are a deep, old soul my friend. Your insight is unmatched.
[Video] How To Hit Under A Tree
@Naftaly161 @KaiGreene Kai Greene: A Day in the Life. Type that in youtube and you'll find it. You'll be glued to it for the entire hour.
@KaiGreene you are one hellava man sir! I just watched a documentary you did and I have never listened to a more insightful man EVER!!!
@SadikHadzovic make sure to put a clickable link in all your YouTube descriptions. You will get more traffic to your site.
RT @Bobdye_golf: @StrongIift @golftrainer Only way to live
RT @StrongIift: “If something means EVERYTHING to you... Give EVERYTHING you got”
@PHILHEATH you are a class act! Congrats on your win!
RT @PHILHEATH: #Repost -- Behind the scenes photoshoot with #giftednutrition athlete and President, annnddd 4time Mr…

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Golf trainer, fitness fanatic, husband, father and small business marketing professional. Helping golfers hit longer drives with golf training programs.

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