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[Video] Watch this to stop flipping your wrists at impact. ==> #golftip#golfvideo
@GabrielMacht I just got done binging on all 3 seasons in less than a week. Hard to sit down a Type A guy, but you and your show did it!
Low Back Pain Solution For Golfers
Improve Your Golf Swing Width With This Simple Exercise -
@blm03 stay off the highways when in LA LOL.
Stop Swaying In Your Golf Swing. Watch this video ==>
How To Eliminate Back Pain From Your Golf Game -
#badcallseahawks @Seahawks lose. Throw a pass on the 1-yard line? WTF! Still happy though.
The @Seahawks have no class whatsoever!
RT @body8build: #bodybuilding SuperMan Workout: Ultimate Body. Ultimate Pleasure.: The Only Complete Guide of a Men's Workout to… http://t.…
Scottsdale Golf Fitness In-Home Training. Check it out here ==> #golffitness #scottsdale #personaltrainer
@Seahawks should have been an automatic 15 yards and first down. They already get a car going their way!
@3_putt why do people watch reality TV?
@3_putt disagree. He is no longer the dominant player and has no class with the media or fans IMO
RT @Tyson3TV: It's wet, it's cold, and cacti are unforgiving. @TigerWoods' return to the @WMPhoenixOpen isn't going as planned.…
Why does @TigerWoods get so much media attention? The young guns who are kicking his ass should be get more TV time IMHO. Just sayin.
@JimStoppani Really enjoy your videos. Would you recommend your shred product during a "lean bulk"?
Sitting Is Ruining Your Golf Swing -
@PeterAttiaMD Trying to contact you from your website, but no luck.
Proper Golf Posture: Tips And Drills To Improve It -

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Golf trainer, fitness fanatic, husband, father and small business marketing professional. Helping golfers hit longer drives with golf training programs.

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